And isn't it funny how all his past misogynistic behavior was swept under the rug and he was IMMEDIATELY allowed into prestigious government jobs/circles the moment he put on some lipstick? Its almost as if creepy, predatory men have a very good reason to lie about having a Lady Soul!

For real, its so weird how this guy went from being a nobody on the verge of being metoo'd to being a major player in DC practically overnight. I wonder if he has dirt on multiple politicians or something because I can't imagine he's qualified for all the positions he's held

nah, I just think he was an opportunist and fell into the right thing at the right time.

This is the one who sued a Washington DC restaurant because the manager on duty and another employee dared question his use of the ladies room when they saw him go in it. Nothing Clymer does would ever surprise me.

Yep. This White dude tried to destroy a Cuban immigrant because he wasn't allowed to piss in a ladies toilet. Super woke

He also tried to get a rideshare driver fired because the driver expressed mild surprise that Clymer was the "Charlotte" he was picking up. Never mind that picking up the wrong person can get those drivers robbed or worse.

[–] pennygadget 10 points Edited

Also, he's claimed that multiple Uber drivers and politicians have tried to rape him. And, as much as I hate to rag on someone's looks.....Chuckie is no Blaire White. Nobody is risking their job or reputation just to feel up his padded bra. 🤣

[–] Tiramisuomi 1 points Edited

Why is their name always fucking Charlotte. So that we get to call them Charlott-ons?

[–] Tiramisuomi 1 points Edited

Chills from that screengrab of him. There's something extremely wrong about his face. Like he's trying just a bit too hard to put on a "soft", caring or soulful expression, but the eyes can't sell it.

How very sad and worrisome that he's been able to take some people in.

[–] NoDayForADo 1 points Edited

I literally LOL'ed at the Wikipedia on him -

"From January through May 2021, Clymer was the director of communications and strategy for Catholics for Choice, an abortion rights dissenting Catholic advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.

Clymer is an outspoken activist on issues including LGBTQ rights, feminism, and veterans' affairs.

Clymer was raised in central Texas, after moving with her mother from Utah at a young age. In November 2017, she came out as a transgender woman. Clymer is an Episcopalian."

Speaks for women - not a woman. Speaks for Catholics - not a Catholic.

(I know there are a lot of similarities... I have never gone to an episopalian service but I know people who have switched from Catholicism to Episcopalian. He may well have been raised Catholic, I have no idea. But the way this was written made me bust out laughing.)

[–] GCRadFem 6 points

Doesn’t he cosplay Charlotte any more?

URL says the article is from 2014 so I'm guessing this is from when he still went by Charles.

It's interesting to see how quickly all the "liberal" sites like Salon completely retconned their approach to dudes like this, once they became part of the newfound "most oppressed community."

This is the kind of history that TRAs want erased from the records, and why they went after the website dedicated to the ornithology of New Zealand flightless birds.

He does -- this is just an older article showcasing his bog-standard misogynist origins.

The last sentence in that article was some pretty accurate foreshadowing-" you and your magical vagina are going to believe him whether you like it or not"..rather uncanny, isn't it?