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[–] Lipsy #guuuuuuuuuuuurl 24 points Edited

Why do these dumb fucks want to legalize the falsification of fucking origin documents?
All downside no upside. They out-moron themselves anew every day, which is no small feat at this peak of moronity/moronation.

No upside (even in their fucked up sense of what's an upside) because, obviously, alterations to docs of vital importance WILL be logged and archived—and so will the admin logins themselves. Ahhahaha congrats you absolute dipshits, you've erased the record you wanted gone... and made TWO new ones 😂😂😂 or even more depending on archival protocols. Good jarb guise.

But dude, whatever. They'll fucking pay some piper somewhere that we just don't have to worry about.

It'll get fun the first time some TIM with zero database evidence of his maleness, and the right wrong kind of blood typology, gets a blood transfusion from a Woman who has given birth (harmless to fellow Women/Girls) and before all that long his blood starts to form hundreds of thousands of small embolisms, which coalesce, crust, and fucking precipitate into SOLID form IN HIS VEINS.

Boy bye! I really don't care anymore, srry but I just fucking don't. If anything, I would internally smirk at this most secret superpower of the pregnant divine Female (i refuse to say feminine, regardless of how much tradition i have to flip over on behalf of the even more divine tomboy).
Would also be the one and only time ever that I'd be left manquée for want of a cigarette of all things. I don't smoke, but the juicy little noir film that's rapidly solidifying (👈🏾👀 I'm just in an asshole kinda mood today) in my head just calls for one, for me to puff pensively while calmly studying the very very first justified TIM histrionics ever.

there's also that whole thing where the entire legal basis for making fraud a crime could be compromised, depending on exactly how a given legal system constructs truth and/or intentionality, from exactly which first principles.

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This needs to go to the SC. Law should be based on truth and facts. No one can change sex, it’s impossible. Your birth sex was a historical event, you can’t go back in time, it cannot be changed. I understand it’s “inconvenient” for trans peoples delusion upkeep, but sorry, it happened and it’s the truth, it’s fact, it’s reality. At best, they should be advocating for their gender religion to be given an extra field to add to documents.

Support to Montana. Other states that have had their rules overturned by Big Trans need to take a page from Montana's book and refuse to submit.

It's astonishing to me how fragile our stupid government is.

How does it make any sense to allow anyone to change their birth certificate sex. Not only is it a lie, but what evidence do we have that a person is a female or a male other than genetic testing, then? What cements a woman's right to reject men giving them sensitive medical care/treatment when there's no evidence other than instinct that a person is a man? It's so outrageous.

The disregard for the authority of the court is concerning. I do wonder what will be done about it and if it will make its way to SCOTUS somehow. This is something that almost never happens. This is basically the nuclear option. That is how done the rest of the country is with the trans antics.

Wow, I'm just in shock.

[–] vulvapeople 1 points Edited

That is how done the rest of the country is with the trans antics.

I suspect it's more that conservatives are done with judges' bullshit, and I honestly can't blame them with the absolute shit rulings judges have been making lately. There's no Constitutional right to falsifying birth records. This judge is an ideologue.

[–] Boudicaea 2 points Edited

Yes, he must be. Doesn't make sense to me to do an injunction on this. Unlikely to succeed on the merits being a big reason why. And who is being harmed? Only gender ID people who have not yet falsified their records.

My brain is just not working today, I've read this article twice and can't figure out what's going on. Can someone help me out here?

Just hours after a Montana judge blocked health officials from enforcing a state rule that would prevent transgender people from changing the gender on their birth certificate, the Republican-run state on Thursday said it would defy the order.

So...the law says you cannot change your birth certificate. The judge blocked health officials from enforcing it? Which means the judge is trying to allow them to change their birth certificate? Or no? And the state is defying the judges orders, so there will be no changes? Or? Sorry I'm just very much not with-it today.

The law says you cannot change your BC without having sex-change surgery. The judge ruled it was unenforceable because the type of surgery was not defined. The governor then issued a new state rule to block BC changes under any circumstance - so effectively making it different from the original law, but not different enough for the judge who says that the governor's new rule is in violation of his injunction order.