How about I don't teach my kid shit other than there are boys and girls and sometimes they like each other and sometimes girls like other girls and boys like other boys and that there's no such thing as "boy stuff" and "girl stuff"

That is pretty much where the article lands. I can't imagine something more critical getting published in a fairly mainstream media source. This is huge.

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That's essentially what I did, plus things like "it's OK not to conform to cultural norms that dictate what boys and girls should be like". Knowing what I know now (I have a child who identifies as trans), I'd have taught much more than that. What I'd have said would include things like "some people say that you're not a girl if you like things that some people say are for boys, but that you're actually a boy - but that's not true".

Girls can like anything, do anything, dress like anything, and still be girls. You don't have to "feel" like a girl to be a girl. That's just your sex. There's no wrong way to be a girl, and it's just biology, not an inner feeling. You can't change your sex.

These things are now necessary to teach, before kids get sucked into the gender ideology.

Archive link: https://archive.ph/LbhU2

Although the author leans libfem, there are some good (if basic) gender critical arguments in this article. Perhaps the tide is turning?