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WPATH is attempting to make a distinction between between two groups of of castrated males that I find dubious. Males who have had their balls removed for any reason are all eunuchs. It's just that males who get castrated as part of "gender affirming" surgeries in which doctors patch together empty scrotal sacs, flayed penile skin, male urethras and tissue taken from other parts of male bodies such as the colon into weird configurations meant to mimic the appearance of female genitals - aka fauxvulvas and fauxginas - are eunuchs with extra steps and more lying.

Interestingly, Wikipedia - which usually promptly updates its pages to reflect the latest developments in gender woo - has not yet gotten the memo from WPATH that males who have a kink for getting their balls - and dicks - removed without pretending they are turning into women in the process are now "trans." The Wiki page still says:

Nullo (body modification)

A nullo or smoothie is a member of an extreme body modification subculture made up mostly of men who have had their genitals (and sometimes also their nipples) surgically removed. Nullos are not necessarily transgender; most identify as eunuchs.[1] The term nullo is short for genital nullification.[2] Though the procedure is mostly sought by men, there are women who also voluntarily have their vagina stitched closed, clitoris, nipples and breasts removed.[3]

WPATH's expansion of the "transgender" category to include nullos seems like another land grab into areas far beyond WPATH's original remit. Just goes to show that the ever-expanding fungus of gender identity ideology and tyranny of "trans rights" have never encountered a boundary they didn't want to cross or a sex-linked community or subculture it didn't try to encroach upon, take ownership of, and exert authority over. The foot-stamping, temper-trantrumming, dick-waving, hissy-fit havers known as "trans rights activists" really are the new conquistadors.

In the Mermaids versus LGBA court case, Bev Jackson or Kate Harris (I can't remember which) brilliantly remarked that the gender identity ideology movement is like Japanese knotweed. I think an even better comparison is to the invasive species known as Dog-strangling vine because the very name dog-strangling vine makes what it's about so patently clear.

This plant grows aggressively by wrapping itself around trees and other plants [choking the life out of them]. Dog-strangling vine forms dense stands that overwhelm and crowd out native plants.


So now insurance and government health programs are going to be pressured and sued to castrate people on demand.

Huh people have generally frowned upon my use of the word eunuch over the past several years. These people really don't understand material reality, do they?

Woman is an identity, man is an identity, and even eunuch is an identity, but identifying as transgender is the ultimate truth? Eunuch is a word that actually does refer to the state of a man's sex, like a eunuch is a castrated male human. Stallion and bull are to man as gelding and steer are to eunuch right? Otherwise I identify as a eunuch and demand the respect accorded to males lmfao

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I mean if someone was castrated as a child I am all for giving them support and bringing their abusers to justice