Ugh, in principle I agree with protections for different "gender expressions" because it might protect people like my butch wife who wouldn't want to wear makeup and a skirt if she were a flight attendant for example. But in that case, she would still follow the professional dress code, presumably the one they had set up for men if there isn't a unisex option. The problem here is this man is not following the female dress code, because absolutely no woman would be allowed to show up like this! Honestly, the female teachers should get together and all walk in with balloons under their shirts on Monday and just see what happens, hell, the "cis men" should do it too. What this boils down to is "men with sexual fetishes get to the special privilege to break the rules while everyone else needs to keep following them". I used to hate when conservatives accused us of trying to get "special rights" with same sex marriage, but in this case, it truly applies!