"How can one single woman look at this and see it as anything but the gross dehumanization of our entire sex class?”


These children are being used as props in a pervert's sexual fetish. How anyone can ANYONE defend this?

It's so obvious he's getting off on the fantasy of being "the hot teacher." he wants his students to lust after him like they would a hot teacher in a porno. This is so gross

Can you imagine being that divorced from reality. Like does he look in the mirror and see something we don't?

I cannot believe these fucking parents allowed their children to go to this class. Are they in fucking Wokeville?!

How does he not notice these kids are disgusted, not attracted to him?

How does he not notice these kids are disgusted, not attracted to him?

I think he gets off on their discomfort and the fact that they HAVE to be nice to him to get a good grade and take/pass the class

Extreme narcissism causing him to be unable to see the viewpoints of other people, as well as being immensely sexually attracted to himself.

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He probably lies to himself that the looks of embarrassment and discomfort are due to their arousal. Teenage boys like boobs, right?

Rather than instructing the students, he makes it all about himself, and he’s mocking the school and it’s mission. It’s grotesque that he can’t be disciplined or fired.

Luckily I finished my cup of tea or that would have been a nice spit-take.

Is it really possible to be that deluded?