Lol, this r/honesttransgender post: "maybe they were right"



Once again, exposure to reality is the quickest way to peakdom, even for the cultists.

Haha, and he's saltily responded that he means the GOP were right, not 'TERFS'. He's also now addressed Ovarit, saying the GOP are 'still coming for your wombs'. Charming! Mate, we were sounding the alarm about genderist bullshit long before the GOP caught wind of it.

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Yeah, I chuckled at that P.S. Misogynist gender cultist is angry because the raging misogyny inherent in the gender cult can no longer be denied, suppressed, or ignored. And then it ends with another misogynistic attack on women and the physical vulnerability we have because of our female sex.

The thing the gender cultists fear most is sunlight and the sun is finally rising.