Despite the concerns, local media outlet BlogTO quickly condemned the outcry, comparing Lemieux’s large prosthetic breasts to female educators facing misogynistic policing for their body shape or outfits.

What a fucking joke! First off, any woman with natural breasts that size would be too disabled to do most jobs. And if she tried to teach a shop class, she'd be asked to cover up and dress in safer attire more appropriate for a shop class. A real woman would NEVER get as much latitude as this guy!

It is sexual abuse to expect students (ESPECIALLY female students) to put up with this guy LARPing his sexual fetish in class! Where does it end? What if he buys a rotating wardrobe that includes costumes like "slutty Japanese schoolgirl", "twerking African Jungle Bunny", "Slutty Nun", "slutty hijabi", etc? Will all the Asian, Black, Japanese, Catholic, & Muslim girls have to just suck it up because that's how he "expresses his gender identity"? This is an outrage!

You are reminding me of this section of Chappelle’s Sticks & Stones (Bad language warning). He’s done a better version of this joke from the perspective of woke industry people placating him by validating his “Chinese” identity.