If a woman naturally had this type of body, she would more than likely have sought breast reduction due to back pain, limitations to her mobility, difficulty finding clothing, etc. No judgement if she did not do these things, but this is not a body type most women would desire to have. (My husband has tried to say but there are women who have implants to look like that! Yeah and they are also the type of person, just like this man, who need copious amounts of attention... it's not a cosmetic change you have to fit in or feel a little better about yourself, it's a change made to stand way, way out... and many of them probably come to regret it)

If a woman DID have breasts like this, this would be here own flesh, blood, and nerve containing body parts... she would be aware of herself and have sensation in them. Having a massive, fake frontal appendange while working with power tools seems like a blatant safety violation. Have you ever worn a halloween costume with an inflatable portion? You're not aware it's there, you keep bumping into things. Even if these aren't part of his own body, such that cutting or puncturing them won't hurt him, it seems like it would increase the chance of his clothing getting caught up in a machine.. and once that happens, any other number of things can go wrong. He could get drawn in up to an actual body part, wood could go flying and hit a student... it is simply not comparable to a woman with actual breasts, no matter how large they are.

I hope a more reputable outlet picks this story up soon. I hate that we are living in such bizarre times that lack of coverage in a mainstream publication doesn't mean it hasn't happened... it means the publication doesn't want the blowback for covering it, and there is no way to spin this in a way that doesn't make no-holds-barred support of trans things ridiculous.

[–] Amareldys 20 points Edited

I have large, saggy breasts. Sometimes my nipples show in spite of everything. It sucks. But they are what they are. I don’t go around trying to make them show. I don’t wear see through shirts. Do you know the shit I or any large breasted woman would get if I showed up like that?

This isn’t a woman whose body is just like this. This is a guy making fun of women whose body is like this.

Fuck it man, they did it in High school, stuffed balloons down their shirts and pretended to be me. This is so fucking not ok.

In High School my classmates called one girl "cow" because of her large breasts. They even did the drawing.

Here it is the "girl experience".

Absolutely gross and previously indefensible shit like this is going to escalate because how can it not?

Once you support, affirm, praise, protect your basic dress-and-make-up wearing male who says he's a woman, there is no place to draw a line anymore, and you're going to have to accept ALL OF IT. And ALL OF IT is going to get a lot worse, I think.

This is the hill that the genderist left wants to die on.

Almost no one would support this if they knew.

This is gonna spur a mother's movement again. I can't imagine the parents aren't all over this shit.

I keep thinking that maybe this will wind up like that episode of South Park where Mr. Garrison tries to get fired for being gay so he can sue the school. He brings Mr. Slave to class and proceeds to do every wildly inappropriate thing he can think of but the school keeps cheering him on because they're such great allies and oh so tolerant. Finally, he calls the school out for allowing him to act this way in front of children.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWcGT2jmHns - I couldn't find better quality and it cuts off early.

Lol, this r/honesttransgender post: "maybe they were right"



Once again, exposure to reality is the quickest way to peakdom, even for the cultists.

Haha, and he's saltily responded that he means the GOP were right, not 'TERFS'. He's also now addressed Ovarit, saying the GOP are 'still coming for your wombs'. Charming! Mate, we were sounding the alarm about genderist bullshit long before the GOP caught wind of it.

[–] eyeswideopen 0 points Edited

Yeah, I chuckled at that P.S. Misogynist gender cultist is angry because the raging misogyny inherent in the gender cult can no longer be denied, suppressed, or ignored. And then it ends with another misogynistic attack on women and the physical vulnerability we have because of our female sex.

The thing the gender cultists fear most is sunlight and the sun is finally rising.

[–] Sailor_Paradise Weird but hey 4 points

If the school is okay with this, then the school should be shut down allowing a pervert to teach a classroom. Honestly I hope parents sue and believe there are parents who are religious and very conservative that wouldn't even allow their kid to read a book about wizards. Ain't no way there gonna be okay with fetishist dressing up as a bimbo teaching their kids.

Ugh, in principle I agree with protections for different "gender expressions" because it might protect people like my butch wife who wouldn't want to wear makeup and a skirt if she were a flight attendant for example. But in that case, she would still follow the professional dress code, presumably the one they had set up for men if there isn't a unisex option. The problem here is this man is not following the female dress code, because absolutely no woman would be allowed to show up like this! Honestly, the female teachers should get together and all walk in with balloons under their shirts on Monday and just see what happens, hell, the "cis men" should do it too. What this boils down to is "men with sexual fetishes get to the special privilege to break the rules while everyone else needs to keep following them". I used to hate when conservatives accused us of trying to get "special rights" with same sex marriage, but in this case, it truly applies!

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