The article’s blurbs say that it is induced lactation (meaning artificial, with hormones and drugs). Also mentioned was lack of sufficient milk, none of which would be good for the child.

A similar article came out in Transgender Health a few years back, and was quickly made into a very big deal by the media. A commenter in the NYT (and the vast majority of commenters expressed revulsion) pointed out that there were vast ethical breaches in the experiment, one of them being the absence of a review board, always required whenever humans are the subject of experiments to ensure they are not harmed.

Well, is there an issue with adoptive mothers doing it if the bio mother isn't there to do it? Is the concern here that the milk won't be of the same quality? I am having trouble finding reliable information on this issue.

Women doing it is fine, and probably an excellent thing for bonding with adopted babies. (Women with newborns who were producing lots of milk used, at any rate, to be given other women's babies to feed when they weren't feeding well—either because their own mum wasn't producing enough milk or because the baby wasn't latching onto the nipple correctly. They fed them at the same time as their own baby, as the "draw down" works for both breasts. I don't know if hospitals still do this.) The problem is when transwomen want to breastfeed and take chemicals to produce "milk" that isn't milk at all, but is full of chemicals that could harm the child.

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I'm such a dinosaur that I still think breastfeeding is for the baby 🦖🦕

But hey! at least they said "breastfeeding"

This is wholly and completely perversion. Fucking disgusting. I feel worried and sorry for any children in these households.

I don’t think these women are going to deal well when motherhood isn’t what they envisioned as their kids grow up. Poor kids.