From the very beginning, women have been saying that fetishistic men would be identifying as trans for their own sexual purposes, and we were scoffed at. This man is blatantly using children as sexual props in a fetish that he parades openly, and still the other side refuses to admit we were right.

You can already see some apologists on Preddit claiming he’s “not trans”. Sorry buddy…if he says he is, he is. YOU made the fuckin rules. Go choke on them.

The fact that he's making teenage boys part of his fetish may be finally waking people up. When it was just men being creepy around woman and girls it wasn't seen as serious but now men are seeing their sons being metaphorically used as jizzrags they are realising that maybe they need to step up and say something.

So true. Then there’s also the troubling prospect that this teacher is modeling behaviors that no one sane would ever want their son to emulate. Young men degrading themselves in pursuit of the most delusional fantasies a porn addict could ever dream of is unchartered territory for most people.

“He isn’t a teacher, this is fake”

school confirms his identity

“We’ll, he isn’t really trans, then”

[–] Carrots90 10 points Edited

“We’ll, he isn’t really trans, then”

Man shows gender ID cert

“Everyone says it’s for self esteem when cis women get implants to have large breasts, but when TransWomen do, it’s suspect”

TIMs computer found to have teen porn, plus his macromastia fetish pics.

“Cis-women get turned on by their breasts plus molest children too.

The story keeps getting removed when posted in the big subs.

[–] Tiramisuomi 14 points Edited

It's up over here!


Upvotes all around for reasonable people, it gives me some hope

ETA: welp, down comes to the mod to virtue signal and close the thread!

They'll choke on the rules harder than they could even imagine me choking on their girlcock. Cannot wait.

"Well, what about cis women with breasts like that"

No cis woman has a body like this that isn't the result of outrageous plastic surgery. Women who get implants that create grotesquely large breasts like this are almost all strippers or do porn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polypropylene_breast_implant Women with naturally very large breasts this don't let them hang down while they walk around because it is painful. There is nothing about this that is in any way comparable to a woman.

How many years until age self ID is passed and this man gets to sit in nursery schools to perform his fetish? While the school officials blessing and defence?

Canada's had self ID for a while now...

[–] SecondSkin 2 points Edited

age self ID

So this teacher claiming his inner child essence is 3, and getting to sit in class in diaper to play his fetish out on 3 year old girls as a member of the nursery class.

Everyone claimed this guy as a woman would never happen, that Yaniv is the outlier that never would become the norm. That Alex Drummond and Barbie Kardashian and the rainbow monkey dildo perve running drag queen story time in schools and libraries, were the extreme exceptions.

They aren’t.

And once a fact like sex can become a legal fiction and so supported by our countries institutions, then a fact like age will be much easier for them to make into a legal fiction swiftly.

They get away with enabling this perves fetish, then I’m betting 10 years max and age self ID will be legal. 13 year old girls IDing as adults (I would have) and 40 year old men IDing as little girls. Supported and endorsed by institutions.

If you’ve ever met men you’ll understand why they’d be thrilled to endorse this.

The story of this teacher has finally peaked my “just be kind” mother!

I think I’m really going to strap a very large dildo to my crotch—I’ve purchased one in case I needed one for a protest—dress up “like a man”, and take photos of me with my enormous penis and send them via email the school principal and vice-principals saying “I’ll be finishing teacher’s college in 2023 and I wanted to say thanks for supporting gender identity, how can I apply to teach at your school? I’m going to teach gym and science.”

[–] Tiramisuomi 23 points Edited

I peaked my husband and my sister! Her response "An actual woman (sorry not sorry) would be suspended yesterday for dressing like that"

Sorry. Not. Sorry. I practically jumped with glee!

I’m going to teach gym and science.

Don' t forget sex ed!!!!!

[–] SecondSkin 4 points Edited

And guidance councillor because adulthumanfemale’s experience of discoveringtheystruemanself make they uniquely qualified to work 1:1 with children who are oppressing their inner gender essence.

[–] nobitary Brainoeba 13 points

Oh damn, I need to try this on my own "just be kind" mom too.

My husband is marinated in Be Kind as a mental health professional. This finally got him to understand what happens when a woman is whoever says they are one.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 4 points

congrats! ahah we were just talking about that too

Here you go, this is the guy who owns and runs drag queen story time in the UK. The group that sends drag queens into primary schools and library’s. Maybe you can borrow his costume? If it’s all good for him to wear this to support LGBT+ rights around children, then you’d just be supporting the cause right?


The school says they're "standing behind" him. That's because nobody wants to get anywhere near those fake norks.

Shuttleworth acknowledges “there had to be some disconnect because one of the students created this video.

“One of the students” did not “create” the video. Multiple students faithfully transcribed reality through the medium of images. Using the word “create” implies some “creativity” from this purported “one student”. There was no such thing. Even a chimp with a smartphone could have FILMED the creature.

School administrations in Canada are superb at crafting creative, hooray language to obfuscate, muddle, deny and kick the can down the road.

It’s no surprise that “the school stands behind” him. Veiled coercion, peer pressure, fear for one’s livelihood are great motivators to stand behind a multitude of stupid, misguided, harmful ideas. Every day I am staggered that schools don’t drown under the avalanche of bullshit.

If there is something of value taught in Canadian schools, it’s taught despite the system, and not owing to it. Once the last generation of “old-fashioned dinosaurs” (a la Ricky Gervais) retires, it will be pronouns all the way down.

I'll put money on the school looking to punish the kids for recording the teacher, and I hope the kids and any rational adults involved in this mess go nuclear if they try. I also hope that a bunch of them working together serves to protect them.

This is so disgusting. They're telling the boys who took the videos some real 1984 shit.

[–] Tiramisuomi 14 points Edited

“One of the students” did not “create” the video. Multiple students faithfully transcribed reality through the medium of images. Using the word “create” implies some “creativity” from this purported “one student”. There was no such thing. Even a chimp with a smartphone could have FILMED the creature.

Holy fuck, good catch.

Did they SERIOUSLY imply that the images were somehow doctored? Or that there is some "disconnect" in which reality is not what it appears to be?

They are fucking monsters for gaslighting these kids instead of protecting them. What the fuck. If the parents start a legal fund to sue the pants off that administration, I'll chip in.

Pressing "record" is not really a creative act.

Do traffic cameras "create" images of people speeding, or do they document them?

"But having said that, Shuttleworth acknowledges “there had to be some disconnect because one of the students created this video.”

Tell me louder that you're out of touch with your own charges and don't actually care about their safeguarding. Everything seems to be about this degenerate fetishist's safety and not the kids. God, if this were happening to my children I don't think I'd ever let the administration know peace ever again. I would bet if the kids were safe from administrative and social consequences and honestly interviewed by social workers, so many would feel freer to vent their discomfort - and I'm proud of the ones who did so online anyway. Good kids.

On the off-chance this narcissist Google's themselves and gets past the unindexing somehow to see this - nobody will ever think of you as a natural, beautiful woman. You're a sideshow at best, like a dog walking bipedally - unfortunately for you however, you don't possess any of the charm said dog would. Your existence is a pornsick tragedy, and if you've deluded yourself into thinking this looks good, you're too far gone. But that's me being generous - you know what you're doing, you sick little freak. But thank you - you've peaked a lot of the new generation and anyone I show this to balks in disgust. But hey. Enjoy that euphoria. It's all you've got. That and however many pounds of weight that b-rate horror prop on your male torso weighs.

THIS! Several students made videos and photos/snaps, with captions either making fun of him, or expressing blatant disgust (“I’m literally going to throw up”). It’s a sad day when centering a man’s fetish becomes more important than children’s obvious discomfort in a secondary education setting.

Imagine, in 2022, thinking that the fact that nobody complains about an authority figure's sexual misconduct means that nobody is upset or hurt by it.

I guess all those organizations where nobody's ever reported sexual harassment are 100% free of sexual harassment, right? And if only a tiny fraction of women ever file charges for domestic abuse, then the number of women being abused at home must be very tiny, because if it were happening they're report it, surely?

Ugh what if he's got a humiliation fetish and this was the plan all along


Many AGPs have a humiliation fetish - their misogyny means that appearing "as a woman" is hugely humiliating for them, and excites them.

[–] SecondSkin 10 points Edited

Grayson Perry literally admitted this in msm interviews. That he’s apg and autopeadophiliac because little girls are the most sexually humiliating thing there is.

He also said he wears the big poofy little bow peep skirts because they hide his erection he gets from dressing this way.

Then he went into a primary school dressed this way with Kate Middleton to open an art wing. After the kids viewed his art work.

do you like the little girl masterbating the giant teddy bear dick, kiddies?

Like the hijabi trans lunatic. Maximum humiliation and objectification equals maximum penis feels.

Without a doubt. Humiliation is the foundation of sissy porn, which is how they mostly get started.

One AGP I had the misfortune of meeting when online dating said he wilfully dressed badly/like a granny hoping that someone would notice and laugh at him.

Let's hope HE'S not surruptitiously (sp) filming his classroom and posting online for the thrill of his AGP peers! The fuckers! What if there IS an AGP teachers message board or chat room online! Think of that!

[–] Taxidermy 44 points Edited

I'm sure kids did like his class in previous years, which isn't even saying much because our shop teacher was creepy and tempermental yet we still loved taking a break from books to play around with power tools.

The school is most likely going by those "This is the same person, only without having to hide a huge part of themself anymore" rules. Just like when my closeted alcoholic uncle started being openly shitfaced at every family function.

Transgenderism, like alcoholism, is a progressive condition. Makes sense! I had not made that connection before.

So this teacher is also showing kids to use power tools with their long hair flowing, hmm could we talk about fricking SAFETY if we're not about to discuss inappropriate clothing?

[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 24 points Edited
  • no safety goggles, mask or ear protection

  • wearing loose hair, long sleeves and a mini skirt

  • reaching across to hold the board and lower the blade

  • putting his hand UNDER the blade to retrieve the board

  • operating any power tool while holding two beach ball sex toys in front of him

These should be valid grounds for termination imo. I think if a shop teacher can't put safety first, he's demonstrably unsuited to the job.

If his hair gets caught, the wig will just come off. Which is not to say he is setting any kind of example, but we knew that anyway.

Also, not to say that a wig being pulled into a band saw won't ruin the saw. That's what I'd be more worried about.

I bet this is part of the fetish. He’s waving the balloons and clown wig around in front of a circular saw for his own special very gross reasons.

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 15 points

yeah wut? you don't have to tie it back?

Or as someone who knows more about these things than me put on Twitter, wear safety goggles or any other protection.

This person is an accident waiting to happen in his heels, long wig, no eye protection and I suspect rings.

Probably hoping to get into an accident so he can sue...in a stunning and brave way, of course

[–] Tiramisuomi 21 points Edited

A woman is anyone who says they are! Live by the sword, die by the sword you chucklefucks.

He's trans. He's one of yours. By your own goddamn rules.

If I were you, I'd huddle on your strategy quickly, because this Self ID dealio is giving yourselves away. You better choose other rules while you still have a chance in hell of having anyone's sympathy.

Also, if he isn't trans, their "community" should be banding together to tell the school administration that it's fine to fire his ass. They should be sending antifa goons to his home to rough him up protest. They won't though, because he is trans according to their definition, so, at best, they'll ignore him, and, at worst, cheer him on.

[–] SecondSkin 6 points Edited

Someone needs to tweet Nancy Kelly or Robin Moria White and ask if the stonewall trans umbrella still reads anyone who says they are trans are, and woman still means anyone who claims to be. With this guys photos attached.

Many if not all of the teachers that this administrator claims are 100% behind him and supportive of him, are also simply too scared to speak up.

No doubt, but it doesn’t matter because silence is mistaken for consensus. And nothing changes.

That’s not a good enough reason for not speaking up about a safeguarding risk to children.

Good safeguarding practice relies on every member of staff speaking up if the see safeguarding risk or concerns. Even if Tranada doesn’t have identical safeguarding laws to UK, they’ll still have whistleblower policies in school/expectations that staff speak up if children are at risk.

If they don’t speak up about this risk, then how many more do they let slide?

I still see a lot of people who see this story saying that most transwomen aren't like this. So many people still don't get it, but at least a few will have their eyes opened, maybe some will learn what AGP is and how it's almost one and the same with transwomen.

Safeguarding risk assessment isn’t based on most.

It’s based on the worst possible outcome, and working back from that to prevent it being likely.

If this schools safeguarding risk assessment has ok’d this guy having access to children, then the school isn’t capable of assessing risk.

If they haven’t done a safeguarding risk assessment, then they aren’t capable of safeguarding children.

Either way the entire institution is not safe for children. Neither is any higher up backing them.

[–] Tiramisuomi 3 points Edited

You're right. But IME, those are previously people who said that this never happens, or will not reasonably be expected to happen. This case perfectly demonstrates that it is happening, and it IS self-ID and a culture of fear that are the problem. If they can admit even once that this happened, you can easily expand to "is it fair to the nice and polite trans women who keep to themselves, that men like this are ruining it? How can we introduce measures to keep that from happening to them, or situations like this that involve children?"

Like it or not, people soaking for a decade in Be Kind are most easily swayed by appealing to fairness for "the good ones" rather than the children, at first.

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