I’m getting really sick of the narrative of “rights”. What they are looking for is privilege, to take what isn’t theirs, to disregard the safety of girls, limit their opportunities, and dictate how others act based on their wishes rather than reality.

Yes, even if your son is gay and wouldn’t hurt a fly, he’s still not a girl. Forcing other girls to accept him as a girl puts them in a position of not being able to call out some AGP coming in the women’s locker room to creep on them.

Forcing others to play into what you wish reality was, rather than adjusting to actual reality is narcissistic control in the extreme. And the punishments for not complying are so coercive I can’t see the requests as anything but malevolent.

It’s not to be “treated like a human being”. They already were. They’re looking to be treated with a greater deference than anyone else is afforded and to be handed things that others worked very hard for.

This. And being forced to speak/pretend untruths, especially by the state, isn't being asked a harmless courtesy, it's Orwellian. It's 2 + 2 = 5 with a spoonful of 'keep sweet' to cover the bitter taste of authoritarian subjugation.

I do not understand how people can see “keep sweet” for the abusive statement that it is, yet not realize that “be kind” is the exact same thing. Maybe if we had a Netflix deal and made a documentary about all those crimes “that never happens” and titled it Be Kind, we could get the same kind of traction. (Honestly though, I wish I had the money to do that)

People are proving to be suckers for rebranding. Much like how people can see incels for the entitled creeps they are (even while some still make excuses for them or try to be sympathetic), but incels in drag tantruming about the same things but also demanding access to women's bathrooms/changing rooms and free boob jobs are Stunning and Brave.

And they’re never concerned for women’s rights actually taken away: the right to single sex facilities where privacy, dignity and consent is important. The right not to have a belief forced on you. The right not to use compelled speech in defiance of what you know to be truth and reality. The right to organise as women. The right even to call yourself a woman and exclude men from that definition;

Alternative headline: Virginia moves to restore students’ rights to single sex spaces, fairness in sport, and not having to lie.

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Virginia Delegate Danica Roem, a Democrat representing Prince William County, called out Youngkin for violating the state's human rights law.

"[Youngkin's] action should be contested in court under the Virginia Human Rights Act," she tweeted this weekend.

What "human rights" did the governor take away, exactly? These children can still use the bathroom, play sports, expect safety at school, go to the doctor, etc. None of their rights have been "taken away".

Being so overly dramatic towards "trans kids" does not help them.

Danica Roem is a TIM. The article fails to mention that.

Danica had a lot to do with the original gender inclusive policies. These policies were written by activists and are reproduced virtually word for word in blue states around the country.

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I'm guessing he "transitioned" after jerking off to the idea of skinwalking Danica Patrick.

I figured “Danica,” a TIM that somehow got elected to the VA legislature, would go nuts over this and I’m so glad.

I used to listen to NPR all the time, especially in my car.

No more.....

I still love some of it, but the quality has really plummeted and every time I hear them talk about women's issues, I end up turning it off in frustration. "People who need an abortion" makes me SEETHE.

I loved npr so much before this nonsense. I had to delete the app because I just was constantly enraged by how biased they were in reporting on any transgender issue.

Me, too. I chanced on NPR in the 90’s while desperately searching for a listening alternative to Howard Stern, which was all the rage then. It was “radio worth listening to” as they said then, but that went out the window sometime ago.

It says it restrict the rights of gay students? which rights? Gay rights are not being threatened by this policy change only trans privileges. don't drink the Kool Aid.

The right to enjoy life in an unmutilated body I guess? These people don't actually like gay children.

Most news articles never mention the fact there is an open comment period whenever any other issue comes up. I find it interesting that the author links directly to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall public comment forum at the end of the article. I never see links like this in other NPR articles and I wonder if the author includes the direct link to invite activism in response to her spin.

Anyway, it looks like we can comment! https://townhall.virginia.gov/L/Forums.cfm

Good for Virginia. There's no "right" to insist everyone else play along with your delusion, no matter what age you are.