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Some redditors have even pointed out that this man has pedophile symbolism in his classroom. The box with the blue and white spiral is supposed to mean “boy lover” according to the FBI.

Seconding the screenshot request

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Doing further research on this tbh. I don’t want to get into the tin-foil hat realm by delivering info that might not be correct.

I did see a bunch of comments making this claim and it is weird that they symbol is in the classroom. People pointed out the blue and white spiral in the classroom being a symbol for men loving boys or something.

Whether that is true or not, still holds true that this man is a creepy pedo.

Canada is beyond lost. US isn’t far behind, but dear God.

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Don't fool yourself. The US is the world leader. Canada follows American money as well as American media.

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Canadian parents can't say anything because it's literally against the law to question non "cis" gender identities. This law trumps every other law that normal people would be held accountable for, like teaching unsafe instructions to kids using power tools and basic clothing guidelines.

The US has these problems, but at least the First Amendment allows people to protest call these perverts for what they are without getting charged with a hate crime.

People joke about Terf Island, but TRA bullshit is enshrined into law and I wouldn't want to live there.

I was thinking of immigrating to Canada to escape my country, but... nevermind. no thanks.

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Canadian parents can't say anything because it's literally against the law to question non "cis" gender identities.

There's something seriously wrong with that. Especially when it concerns you as a person or your children. I'm so sorry. These are your human rights being infringed upon.

We’re not as fully down the marxist hole yet. A lot of the big cities and some states are getting there, but luckily we have some politicians standing up to this shit.

And I would think that most school districts except for maybe Seattle, NYC and Cali wouldn’t allow this perversion, but I’m disappointed every day.

This isn’t Marxism. This is post-modern hyper-consumerist bullshit. Marxism is based in historic materialism. Even Engels wrote that misogyny and sexism were driving forces of the development of capitalism. I would go as far as saying that transgender ideology is the embodiment of capitalism. You can just buy your identity! Buy makeup, buy a new wardrobe, buy expensive surgeries, etc. to become who you “really are.” It’s individualist nonsense that divorces people from finding community with their sex class. There is nothing Marxist about that.

aside from the misogyny has anyone mentioned that this is a shop class and this man is wearing this attire? that wig alone (not to mention the "breasts") could get caught in machinery.

Omg just left a comment about this on one of the other posts/threads concerning this individual... the shorts, prosthetics and hair are BLATANT SAFETY HAZARDS. So glad i am not the only one who saw it