Wow. That was an amazing, yet harrowing read. I may send it around to a few friends who are on the fence.

Jennifer Bikek says in the comments: "I've been researching this issue for ten years and this is the most comprehensive thing I have ever written on the subject." So it's worth the long read, especially if you didn't have the time to watch this speech. Like so many women fighting the gender industry, maybe even more than any other in the US, Jennifer Bilek has been viciously attacked and vilified, even within gender critical circles. I don't know her. Her reporting seems unbelievable, it's so outrageous as it unveils such a massive capitalist agenda. I know that some feminists and other gender critical people have distanced themselves from her because they don't want to be associated with what sounds like kooky conspiracy theories. (In my view, that's ok too. We need all kinds of voices in this fight, to change minds in all kinds of boardrooms, legislative halls, living rooms and YMCA locker rooms.) She's also been accused of being anti-Semitic because some of these billionaires she exposes are Jewish. I have not followed these controversies closely, so I don't know if there is any real issue there. But I have yet to see anyone debunk her research, which is gleaned from public records.

Anyone here on Ovarit who has not read, watched, listened to Jennifer Bilek needs to.

I agree 100%. She is a warrior. Also subscribe to her new Substack to support her work spreading, you can do that at the link.