This article fails to acknowledge the rampant antisemitism in the womens March. Russia was able to undermine it in part because people like Mallory and Sarsour were undermining it from the inside.

I mainly thought it was noteworthy for this:

In January 2017, as the Women’s March drew nearer, they tested different approaches on different audiences, as they had during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election. They posed as resentful trans women, poor women and anti-abortion women. They dismissed the marchers as pawns of the Jewish billionaire George Soros.

Just goes to show that some of the TRA abuse we've been receiving *is literally Russian propaganda." Not to mention some of the the anti-"white feminism" stuff.

I don't know anything about Mallory or Sarsour, what's their deal? All I remember from the marches was hearing "pussy hats are transphobic!!!1"

Sarsour is an unsavory person in my view. I heard her speak at the 2017 women's march and experienced an instant dislike. She is an anti-semite and I think she is an opportunist. You can read a lot about her in various mainstream publications, including previous NYT reporting on antisemitism in the women's march leadership.

The Russian trolls don't start from nothing, they take the material provided and run with it.

I think this is BS. The NYT hates to think that women aren’t in constant lockstep—trans women are women.

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Mallory and Sarsour are neither feminists and I think behave in very unethical ways. Mallory supports Farrakhan, Sarsour is very anti-Semitic and both pushed the original Women's March founder out because she was Jewish. They only wanted in (they were never chosen, they pushed themselves onto the org because they saw it as a power grab) so they could push their particular activism policies. They don't focus on women.

BS. NYT blames everything it doesn't like on Russia and Russian trolls. I'm with @ggrenwald on this:

As usual, once you dig deep into articles about nefarious Kremlin bots, the numbers are so trivial as to be laughable, and they're forced to admit these conflicts long pre-date Russian trolls.

Look at these minuscule numbers. The NYT will likely give itself another Pulitzer.🍾

Accompanied by a passage from the NYT article that says "152 Russian accounts produced material about her. Public archives of Twitter accounts known to be Russian contain 2,642 Tweets about Ms. Sarsour."


US elites spend many billions of dollars every two years on campaigns -- *billions.

CIA and MI6 collaborate with Omidyar, Soros and other liberal billionaires to fund the fraudulent "disinformation" industry.

But yeah, a few fake FB posts are the cause.

It is maddeningly difficult to say with any certainty what effect Russian influence operations have had on the United States, because when they took hold they piggybacked on real social divisions. Once pumped into American discourse, the Russian trace vanishes, like water that has been added to a swimming pool.

How VERY convenient! Like, you don't know for sure the level of influence of Russian trolls, yet you can keep writting headlines about how dangerous they are. LOL