Fist of all it's not HRT. They aren't replacing anything. They are taking cross sex. or wrong sex hormones.

Based on all of the videos of these guys wanking it in ladies rooms it doesn't seem their libido is much affected. In any case it doesn't matter because they are men and don't belong in women's spaces.

But I wonder if they have libido at all after they have their testosterone blocked.

It's a mistake to believe/assume that these guys "have their testosterone blocked."

The only TIMs who "have their testosterone blocked" are the 5% of them who've had their testicles removed surgically - and the youngsters put on GnRH analogs aka "puberty blockers" early enough in adolescence to have stopped their testicles from undergoing normal development, reaching maturation and functioning properly.

Most adolescent and adult TIMs who went through male puberty, still have their testicles intact, and are on the standard "gender affirming" drug regimen that TIMs customarily take exogenous estradiol in oral or injection form plus an oral T suppressant medication like Spirolactone, or they take just estradiol alone. But research shows that even when males take these drugs with religious regularity over long periods of time, they do not cause said males' testosterone to be anywhere near "blocked." These drugs only lower men's T to a certain point. Most TIMs still have T levels in the normal male range. One quarter of men on the standard drug regimens that TIMs take - which are not HRT, by the way - don't achieve any significant reduction in their T levels at all.


Equally important: adult and adolescent TIMs who underwent male puberty and thus developed normal male libido and still have their balls commonly adjust the "gender affirming" medications they take so that they can still enjoy male libido, get boners, jerk off and use their penises in penetrative sex. Quite a few TIMs have impregnated female partners whilst supposedly on "gender affirming hormone treatment/therapy" aka GAHT.

It's because most TIMs still have male levels of testosterone that sports governing organizations such as the IOC, IAAF and NCAA originally adopted extremely generous "trans inclusion" policies that allowed TIMs to compete in women's events with levels of testosterone still squarely in the normal male range.

The IOC and IAAF, for example, originally set the thresh hold for T for male athletes in women's competition like Laurel Hubbard and Stephanie Barrett at 10 nmol/L - which is in the normal male range of 7.7- 30 nmol/L. Other sports governing bodies including the NCAA and Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Commission have never set any numerical limits on the level of T that males wishing to compete in women's and girls' sports. The NCAA and CIAC allowed male college students CeCe Telfer, June Eastwood and Lia Thomas and CT HS students Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller to compete against female athletes with their testosterone either only slightly reduced or not reduced at all. The NCAA's rules that Telfer, Eastwood and Thomas competed under only required TIMs to take medication to suppress their T in the previous 12 months, but the rules did not say they had to take those medications continually or repeatedly during that time, nor did the medications actually have to result in T reductions. The CIAC's rules, which are still in place, say males who want to compete in girls' and women's sports don't have to take any medications to lower their T at all; they are given the right to compete in female sports simply by making gender identity claims alone.

Welcome to Ovarit, BTW. As an old hand when it comes to dealing with TIMs, my word of advice is never believe anything they or the trans lobby says. The gender identity movement is based on denial of reality, spreading lies and misinformation, evading truths, giving misleading impressions, sowing confusion and constantly trying to pull the wool over other people's eyes. People who base their whole sense of self on lying to themselves and others about their sex, and who base their politics on lying about the fundamental facts of life, tend to lie about lots of other things too. You can't trust what any of these guys say.

Not in general. The TIMs I've known have almost all been extremely sexual, to the point of having a one-track mind. I used to identify as trans myself and dated a couple TIMs, and especially when you get inside that "community" you see how hypersexual they all are, sex is the main topic of discussion all day every day.

Once in a while you hear a TIM claim to be asexual or that estrogen killed his sex drive completely, but in my experience that's less common. The libido reduction is negligible for the majority of them. In fact, if a TIM tells his doctor that his libido has become low, the doctor will reduce his estrogen dose to make it higher. I've seen that happen too.

I really don't believe that "HRT" more accurately wrong sex hormones do a lot to them, It's mainly just a fantasy that HRT changes your body. The changes are very miniscule and probably you will not notice them, but the changes that you do see are done by other means, like serguries.

However on women HRT has much bigger impact, it does damage your body in a way you could notice it.

So that's an interesting question. And I'm not an expert, but I think it has a slightly tricky answer (and I apologize, but it's going to get slightly graphic; spoilered below).

So first off, a lot of extreme fetishes and unhealthy/harmful sexual behaviors seem to have an addiction component driving them as well as just libido (or sometimes even things like literal diagnosable OCD seems to be involved; obsessions, compulsions). They end up chasing that 'high' that gets harder and harder to reach the more desensitized they become to the material they use, which is why fetishes tend to get more extreme over time.

They used to administer the same drugs and hormones to chemically castrate dangerous male sex offenders that they now call "HRT" for TIMs. Most places don't do that anymore, because it simply isn't effective; if anything, it seemed to make the offending worse in a number of cases. They still had the drive, the desire to commit those acts, but could no longer get/maintain an erection...so they 'graduated' to using objects. Angrily. Hell, the impotent woman-killer is a pattern that emerges over and over again in true crime. So while "HRT" does tend to nuke men's libidos and ability to maintain erections (which is why many desist after a while, just get a boob job, wear prosthetics, etc), it doesn't necessarily touch the addiction, the obsession, the compulsion, the drive to continue doing the things they find (or found) sexually gratifying. They're still doing it to get off, over and over again, just often unsuccessfully or less satisfyingly...and that tends to build frustration...and they tend to seek higher extremes to try to compensate for it.

There's a very prolifically tweeting AGP on Twitter who's very popular among other TIMs. He basically just tweets his fetishes all day (which include rape, diapers, being a "little," beastiality, pregnancy, "bimboification," lactation (with giant exaggerated breasts), sissification, forced transition, and castration). He got the dick inversion surgery over a year ago now (which went horribly), literally horny tweeted about it while he was being admitted to the hospital, and was on cross sex hormones for quite some time before that (and still is). He doesn't seem to be capable of 'having sex' anymore, he likely has little to no true libido left, and yet is an extreme sex pest who seems to think of little else all day (except buying transformers toys to add to his hoard). And he has about 10,000 other TIM followers, almost none of which he knows in real life, who looked at that timeline full of him calling himself a slutty baby or whatever and hit 'follow.' He doesn't do anything else. He isn't famous for anything. He isn't attractive; he looks more like a fatter version of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman than any kind of woman (with pronounced male pattern baldness). Sometimes hundreds of horny posts per day.

I think it really depends on how far they reduce their testosterone. I knew one TIM who insisted that the doctor reduce the testosterone as low as possible, and then his libido dropped to the point he felt asexual. I have met other TIMs who identify as asexual and I wonder if this may be a significant contributing factor, especially if they have had bottom surgery. That said I don't think all TIMs are as radical as this with testosterone blockers/surgery, and so they still have a reasonably high libido.

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A lot of TIMs do not use hormones at all. Most do not. How do you know he is even on hormones?

Some of the hormones do suppress testosterone, but not all TIMs on hormones take those hormones. Primarily this would be Lupron, I believe, which is a testosterone blocker and used to stop puberty. Most TIMs are not using that, though, unless they are still going through the process of male puberty.

Adult TIMs who use hormones typically are using either estrogen or spironolactone, plus progesterone. It's similar to the hormone replacement cocktail that women use to ease menopause symptoms. It may somewhat reduce the amount of testosterone a TIM produces (primarily if he uses spironolactone, I think), but he still produces much more testosterone than a woman. Even much more than a woman with a diagnosable testosterone imbalance.

Usually an adult TIM on testosterone suppressing hormones can only reduce his circulating level of testosterone to something like 10 times what is considered to be the cutoff for "too high" in a woman. This is based on TIM athletes who have had their hormone levels reduced to compete in women's sports.

TIMs are generally fully capable of sex with their penis even while using testosterone suppression. The only time this would not be the case is perhaps on Lupron or if he has been castrated.

Your job is likely not demanding any documentation of the status of his testosterone levels or functioning of his sex organs. Obviously that would be an enormous violation of his privacy. However, because they don't know, they are exposing you and all of your female coworkers to an enormous risk of sexual assault, regular physical assault, and also invasion of your privacy by a fetishist.

If you are feeling brave, I would file an EEO complaint. We need to start using the levers available to us to push back against this insanity.

Lupron is rarely used in adults, it isn't necessary to use puberty blockers to suppress testosterone. Spironolactone is what they usually take to supress testosterone. If they took Lupron, it would block the effects of estrogen as well.

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Lupron doesn't block the effects of hormones. It stops your body from making them. If you are doing IVF, for some women the protocol can involve lupron to turn everything off, so that the doctors are in total control hormonally of what your body is doing. Then you have to inject all the hormones you want to be controlling the ovulation cycle. That's very much in a nutshell how it works. You're right that most men are probably not using lurpon to control testosterone, but if they did, I think that adding exogenous estrogen would still do whatever the estrogen was going to do to the body.

Irrelevant because they are still men, regardless of libido, and will never belong in womens spaces. Even without libido (do we really want to believe them about that) and even if they get their dicks cut off (almost all of the AGP het male "trans" keep their junk), they still bring what all other men bring/would bring into womens spaces - the male gaze, male socialization, male sexuality and they get off by violating womens spaces/rights/privacy no matter what they say about libido. You just have to read them talking with each other about the "euphoria" when people use phony pronouns for them.

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I think Genevieve Gluck has a video about this, but the answer is no.

I have used spironalactone for high testosterone. It did not have an impact on my sex drive, but it did have an impact on ability to orgasm, which is pretty common. So libido might be there - ability to act on it might not. I feel like forbiden fruit farms at one time had posts about the insane ways men on spiro will attempt to achieve an orgasm. There might be less chance of ejaculation but ... potentially more chance of other violence over frustration over that very thing.

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Nope. Even though cross-sex hormones and anti-androgenic medicines can reduce testosterone levels, they remain higher than they are in natal women (who more or less have a libido when all the shit in the modern age isn't bringing us down).

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