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It comes off more as a stunt, a dare to the employer to do anything about it.

That’s what trans is. It’s the male instinct “what are you going to do about it.” Said this previously but the idea that this about women’s wants and desires is false. The teacher is dressing up as what men see when they see an attractive woman, a huge pair of tits and not much else.

People keep bringing up women when they discuss this. Like “well what if a woman had large breasts and didn’t wear a bra yadda yadda” (ok guilty) but that is NOT THE POINT. This is a MAN and those are NOT HIS BREASTS. It’s no different that if he was wearing prosthetics that caricaturize any other type of person, a First Nations man, a black man, a Jewish man or a Muslim man. If I say MAN will people get it? Would they say “well what if a black teacher had a nose like that? It would be racist to tell him to change it blah blah blah” That is beside the point it’s inappropriate for a man to show up to work dressed as a caricature of another type of person! This is not about women having torso sized breasts and visible nipples at work. It’s not more appropriate for him to have small, nippleless prosthetic breasts and wear a bra and a knee length skirt. It’s all a form of degrading women and the school and exposing children to adult sexual behavior.

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Yeah exactly. On the Tucker Carlson segment, an insider revealed that the teacher's costume is based off anime porn, specifically a type called "exploding milk porn". Sometimes my back hurts or I have achy PMs boobs and I don't wear a bra (and therefore my big saggy boobs and nipples might be visible), but that's literally my body .... I can't take them off and put them in my purse. And yet I still make sure I don't get unwanted attention because of them (i.e. wearing oversized coats or strategically placed scarves). I'm definitely not doing it to emulate grotesque porn like this dude is.

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People cannot accept that women and girls’ bodies and our existence is not a sexual fetish or masturbation material. The interaction is one sided, man as the subject and woman/female the object, the tool, the thing. Like the relationship between horses and rodeo. People can’t figure out how to make it fair to cancel the rodeo, but still allow horses. A man putting on fake breasts because “exploding milk boobs” make him horny is on one planet and on another planet in a galaxy light years away are women and our breasts just existing because women have female bodies. There’s no connection. You do not have to try to figure out how to make it ok for women to have breasts at work while also telling men no they can’t wear fake breasts at work. YOU CAN JUST TELL THE MEN NO and leave women and our breasts out of it! It’s allowed to tell men they cannot practice their fetishes at work, no matter how many fucking referents to femaleness they use! I want to s c r e a m

Like how a lot of men say “if I were a woman for a day I’d just stay at home and play with myself all day.” They really don’t see us as fully human, with job ambitions and job stresses, hobbies and friends, a desire to go for a run competing with a desire to binge-watch Netflix, like y’know a normal human. Nope, it’s all bewbies and masturbation.

So vile.

"Like the relationship between horses and rodeo. People can’t figure out how to make it fair to cancel the rodeo, but still allow horses."

Wow, great analogy.

I hadn’t heard of exploding milk porn until yesterday and 🤦🏻‍♀️. Just 🤦🏻‍♀️.

"exposing children to adult sexual behavior.'

This may be the eventual take-down. I am quite sure no one cares about degradation of women, or the school itself. But there are laws protecting children from sexual exploitation and exposure to adult sexual behavior. Because, this, clearly, is beyond "trans". It's exposing a sexual fetish.

So, the male instinct for “what are you going to do about it” … most of the cases I’ve heard of are in education or healthcare, typically fields (or sub fields) that are heavily feminized.

I’ve never (or seldom) heard of men pulling this shit in, say, coal mining, or on an oil rig, or a machine shop for locomotive repair. Which makes it even more obvious that it’s a kind of misogyny and has nothing to do with principle: they’ll happily do it when they’re imposing themselves on women and children, and know they almost certainly are safe from consequences (no matter the whinging and moaning about how persecuted they are.) In a mostly male environment, where the culture would make it more likely that they’d get the snot beaten out of them for this bullshit? Not so many AGPs, it turns out.

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Why the constant, unceasing versions of "trans people should be respected, but (XYZ) should not be tolerated"?

I mean, I know why ... we need to repeat enough of the liturgy not to be declared heretics and silenced. But it's way too much like saying "Minor Attracted Persons aren't the problem, only those who have sex with children, or groom children, or consume child pornography, or ..."

You know what? The Venn diagram becomes damned near a circle. Not every MAP (ugh) molests children, but everyone who molests children is a MAP. Let's stigmatize the fuck out of them. Not every TIP is a performative fetishist AGP, but every performative fetishist AGP is a TIP. Do we need 100% of a group to misbehave before we say "nope, this group is part of the problem"? 90%? 50%?

Some of these people mean well and have been victimized by their peers and horrific 'doctors' into this behaviour. We should be conscious of the fact that even TIPs who want real help can't usually get it. But absolutely, TIPs themselves are the problem. They should be respected the way every single human should be respected, including prisoners convicted of crimes; they have basic human rights. Their mental illness and insane delusions and ridiculous demands must not be respected. If they conflate themselves with these delusions and demands, well that's a them problem, not an us problem.

I mean it literally is NAMALT. This is why feminist theory and feminist history is so desperately needed as a part of every teen's high school education. Of course not all trans people are like that. That is not the point. Just as 99% of all sexual crime is committed by men, 99% of all non-consensual involvement of the public in sexual fetishes is from TIMs. 99% of male presence in female only spaces is from TIMs!! It literally is a sex crime to expose your fetish to the public like this and especially to involve children in it. It is literally a crime to expose your genitals to women for sexual pleasure, but they keep getting away with it because people keep saying not all trans are like that. Maybe not, but all the people like that are trans!

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I don't think enough people realize that he actively chooses to put those on every morning. Like, selects his shirt for the day, and makes sure to put these on under it. Talk about "falsies" or body types just does not enter the picture.

It's looking increasingly likely that he's hoping to sue for wrongful termination.... good luck winning that one!

ETA: Holy fuck don't read the "high school debate" related article. It's so fucking sad to hear the kids reciting their brainwashing

Holy fuck don't read the "high school debate" related article. It's so fucking sad to hear the kids reciting their brainwashing

oh boy, looking at the interviews on the debate video did kind of feel like "well that's where this will end up"... There was one guy who was saying it was gross but he was shown as a solitary weirdo, no longer a student, waving a flag and speaking into a megaphone. But two current students were shrug fine with it, whatever that means..

No one checked how much interaction they had with the teacher or if they even had a class with him, and no one asked if they felt there was any hypothetical line that would be taking things too far, or if it should be taken into consideration if other students felt their boundaries were already being crossed. Maybe you'd imagine being okay taking history class in a naked sex club but should you be expected to do that with your high school history teacher, and should you expect all the other students to agree..

One parent admitted to being slightly unsure about the situation, and one of the students said "some of his friends" didn't think it was great... but no one was willing to make straightforward judgments.

It’s got to be hard to find shirts that accommodate the fake ZZZ cup boobs. Friends I know who are G cups have enough grief and expense finding clothing that fits. He puts some serious effort into being this awful.

Based on how tight the shirts are, it almost seems they are tailored for his fetish objects. A genuinely huge shirt would be baggier.

If I were a teacher and wanted to quit in that school I would get the same wardrobe I would sue them after I was let go.

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Let me guess, if this man's fetish wear leads him to suffer injury while making a fool of himself and sexually harassing students in shop class, he'll be the first to complain that the school board did not protect him by enforcing occupational health and safety regulations.

What an absolute creep. If I were a parent at that school I would be kicking off. No weirdo like that would ever get near my kids.