I commented earlier that I thought Stephen Hanna was the wrong guy. Couldn't find a way to get in to contact with Reduxx to correct them. Based on the Ontario College of Teachers website, I think the teacher is Kerry Luc Lemieux, who comes up when you search "Kayla Lemieux". Archive: https://archive.ph/X9w2y

(I think the case of mistaken identity came from some student not knowing which shop teacher it was and posting a captioned image saying it was Mr. Hannah.)

I couldn't believe this bloke would knowingly choose to call himself by a name that literally means "the best"... but in the masculine gender. Now all is explained.

Can registration numbers change? I found a Luc Bernard Lemieux (Registration No: 428030) who was suspended at a hearing in 2015 following sexual misconduct with students. https://professionallyspeaking.oct.ca/hearings/hearings-2015-december.aspx

I just went on a deep dive and that can’t possibly be the same person. The educational background and timing don’t match. I am laughing at the fact that Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux changed his already feminine-coded first name to Kayla, though.

Good lord, if this clown has already been accused of sexual misconduct with students … we need a Canadian dad to go off like that Loudoun County one did.

I'm glad they've corrected the record on who it isn't, however I think it's much more important for them to identify who it IS, and what they're planning to do about it...

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Yikes. I hope the guy who isn't a perv isn't getting any threats or anything.

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There appears to be two Luc Lemieuxs in the system.

The first, one Kerry Luc Lemieux, Registration Number: 501065, in good standing.

The second, one Luc Bernard Lemieux, licence revoked.

From https://professionallyspeaking.oct.ca/hearings/hearings-2015-december.aspx archive

Hearing from 2015

Member: Luc Bernard Lemieux

Registration No: 428030

Decision: Suspension, reprimand, conditions

A Discipline Committee panel suspended the certificate of Luc Bernard Lemieux, a teacher of the Conseil scolaire Viamonde, for sexual abuse.

Lemieux, who was certified to teach in May 1999, was represented by legal counsel and attended the hearings held on April 24, 29, 30 and May 21, 2014, and January 19, 20 and March 31, 2015.

Starting in 2004 and over the next six school years, Lemieux made numerous remarks of a sexual nature toward several students including:

“As long as they’re big enough for a handful and small enough for a mouthful” (while discussing a student’s breasts).

“I know I’m not supposed to tell you that, but you look really gorgeous tonight.”

“Don’t you love me?”

“Do you have feelings for me?”

“I love you.”

“I would like to think a boy like me would have a chance with a girl like you.”

In addition, his relationships with five students were overly familiar and exceeded the boundaries between teacher and student. He demonstrated favouritism by giving them gifts, such as silver necklaces, a stuffed bear holding a heart reading “Just say yes,” a bouquet of white roses and money. He was also lending students his debit card and cellphone, sending them numerous personal texts and emails, and inviting them to lunch during school hours.

Lemieux also suggested to female students belonging to a team to wear only a sports bra during one practice and encouraged a student, in front of the class, to take off a sweater she was wearing under a see-through jacket.

In the 2011–12 school year, he was reassigned to another school with the board, and there have been no other complaints or allegations of inappropriate conduct since then.

The Discipline Committee panel found the member guilty of professional misconduct and ordered that his teaching certificate be suspended for 18 months as of July 1, 2015, and that he appear before the panel immediately after the hearing to receive a reprimand.

In addition, Lemieux was directed to complete a course of instruction in maintaining appropriate boundaries and supervising students at his own expense.

In its written decision, the panel said, “It is essential that teachers be familiar with the boundaries that must be maintained in their relationships with students. By engaging in inappropriate relationships with students, including inappropriate communications of a sexual nature, the member failed to observe these boundaries.”

Can registration numbers change? Are there two Luc Lemieux’s? How does the dead name thing affect things? Do you need to create a new profile on the data base to register a new name or can names be updated?

And anyways, back to the Lemieux from the 2015 hearing, why the f*** is there a condition that this person allowed to go back after completing some boundaries course? That should not be an option after inappropriate sexual misconduct with minors.

Holy sh*t I hope that's not the same guy. Suspended Lemieux' conduct is absolutely disgusting.

It's quite the coincidence, but the dates and their educational paths don't match. The Lemieux from 2015 also had his license revoked in 2021, but even that doesn't prove anything because he could have re-registered under his new name. It's hard to know what's true or not, given the new practice of erasing men's histories by changing their names and not being allowed to even mention their old name.

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Oh I see now, that's the problem! Thanks for clearing things up, Halton District School Board! Please call this person Bakanuyū Le Mieux, everyone!


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Haha! I've been waiting to see what the CBC would do about this story. Is this the first time they've even mentioned Titty Magee? Well, I'm really glad that they're getting this info out there, at least. I saw the board's statement earlier today and was horrified for the misidentified teacher! Poor guy.

Hopefully the people who read this will investigate a bit more and get the full story.

Yes--it's irresponsible that they didn't dig a little more.

You don't just copy out the contents of a news release and not even contact them for clarification.

Interesting, wonder where the name came from then. Oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️

Stephen Hanna and Lemieux are both shop teachers at the school. One of the students who saw him didn't know which shop teacher he actually was, and captioned a photo "It's Mr. Hannah 💅" on twitter. As the school won't actually confirm anything, I can see how the mix up spread.

They probably only even commented now for the sake of the real Mr. Hanna. If I were him I would absolutely threaten to take legal action if they didn't allow me to comment and cleary name.

Hanna seemes to have a very different build from his staff photo. I was wondering what kinds of surgery he had to change his frame like that. This makes more sense.