"Latinas live with misogyny every day of our life, and sadly many don't even realize. It is so stuck in our heads, that we do harmful things to our own sex, like promoting gender ideology. We are a few steps behind in terms of queer politics than the USA, but sadly it is our role model. Latin America is becoming everyday more "queer", and while women cheer it thinking it means freedom from patriarchy, they ignore that gender ideology is the patriarchy in a rainbow costume."

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they ignore that gender ideology is the patriarchy in a rainbow costume

Yes, it's ✨ Progressive Patriarchy ✨

My female relatives were not abused and mistreated because of a magical girly aura, nor for an identity no one can describe. They were victims of misogyny because they were born with a vulva, ovaries and a uterus.

Yes. To those who claim that TIMs understand misogyny because it’s based on gender, not sex, I’d ask how the people who abort female fetuses or kill newborn girls know that they don’t identify as boys.

That quote totally stuck out to me as well. An awful lot of misogynistic abuse in heterosexual relationships is aimed directly at the woman's role as a mother, and it's not just the man in the relationship who'll engage in this type of abuse, often his whole family is complicit in the abuse-- go browse r/justnomil for some good examples-- and a critical escalation point for abuse is pregnancy and the birth of a new child. When anti-DV advocates talk about preventing domestic abuse, they are implicitly talking about also safeguarding the children who are so often the bystanders and the catalyst for the abuse, and women's biological sex role which is the very thing that makes her a target for the abuse.

No trans identified man will ever be the target of this type of sustained, systemic abuse. In fact, many transitioners in heterosexual partnerships also transition and escalate abuse right when children enter the relationship.

Excellent letter. Love that they've kept this feature going.