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I think appropiating this, is the way to make it un-cool.

Parents should tell their gender-questioning children "I'm non-binary. I wore a hoodie today, I'm such a boy. Uwu" "Mom, you are not non-binary" "NON-BINARY PEOPLE DON'T OWE YOU ANDROGYNY. YOU ARE OPPRESSING ME"

Then watch them cringe and rethink their choices.

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I literally said this to my husband the other day!!! We were watching the Abigail Shrier interview on Triggernometry and we started talking about how our nieces/nephews are currently learning about gender nonsense in school (some of them in first grade). We thought that maybe if any of them "come out", the parents should do it too. It's the easiest way to make something uncool.

My niece has been wearing her blue-light glasses all day, so I started doing it whenever we face-timed and she instantly quit doing it 😂

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Particularly as they have given the option of "non-binary agenda"- that is literally what I am and it has it's own flag!

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This is absolutely brilliant.

If my son was still in that age group I would come out as trans tomorrow.

I mean today.