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... or that their for-real boy's brain is horrifyingly trapped in a despicable girl's body. Which is also offensive to women, but perhaps even more disturbingly so because the belief is based on such profound self-hatred and misogyny.

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That's what i truly don't get about truscums... They come so close by admitting being trans (or more accurately dysphoria) is a mental issue/ mental illness but then they turn around and say they are real women/men and should be allowed to invade women's spaces. If you realise that it's "only" in your head... How can you still claim to be a real woman despite your completely male body? And yes, even a male body who is cosmetically altered to superficially resemble a woman's body is still a male body. After all that dude who made himself look like a tiger through surgeries didn't actually become a tiger. It's so frustrating!

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I can't think of another mental issue that is treated in this way. We don't tell anorexic that they are fat or tell agoraphobics that the outside world is dangerous. What's so different?

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Not only that, but the outside world is actually dangerous, and there is research that people with depression actually have e better grip on reality than people who don’t have depression. And yet