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I think this is from the truscums who actually genuinely believe that when they were in utero god made an error and placed a perfectly female lady brain Inside a male body, hence they literally believe they are women with birth defects. I honestly sometimes find those more despicable than the trender blue haired demibois. It's so incredibly offensive to women.

Denial - ATS, it's not just a river in Egypt. "Lady" brain in male body, "boy" brain in girl's body. It just proves that second wave feminists were right - sex stereotypes ("gender") are just plain wrong. But oh no, "gender" (sex stereotypes) are right, they've GOT to be, they're patriarchal and prove males are superior! It must be the body that's wrong! They twist their so-called brains in endless contortions just to deny that second wave feminism is right and patriarchal sex stereotypes are bull. BrainDEAD is more like it.