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A man dressed girly and calling himself a woman is female appropriation and vice versa! #StopSexAppropriation

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After having reviewed the 40 comments on here now, I realize us old folks got some learnin' to do.

I didn't recognize half the terms, much less figure out "Who's appropriatin' who," to paraphrase one of my favorite CW singers, Alan Jackson.

I am willing to bet, however, the blame will be laid squarely at the feet of women.

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Bet you anything that’s a rich white boy who’s never faced an ounce of oppression in his privileged life.

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Well how do they even know it's appropriation?? Gosh I thought we weren't allowed to police what people identified as...

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If self ID is valid and anyone is trans because they say so and there’s zero gatekeeping allowed, it is literally impossible to appropriate.

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yeah this is confusing bc if it's a "true transsexual" telling a "transtrender" to stop acting like they're dealing with the same thing, you would not expect to see them using such woke lingo. Usually trans med advocates don't turn to catch phrases. But if it's someone who is trans by way of inner identity alone, who can you possibly accuse of appropriating that? By definition it's appropriate to whoever claims it, that's the whole point...

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Oh please eat your young. Please please please.

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hey, if trans want to turn on their own and eat them, I'm fine with that. Go ahead and implode, finally.

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and notice that it's always the "im true trans bc ladybrain uwu" males turning and eating young trans-identifying females who wanted to "spice" up their look. i feel bad for women still left in that movement, as i was once there before myself, but it was the insanity and male privilege of TIMs that peaked me so i assume this sort of rhetoric will create another tidal wave of detransitioning women that are peaking into radical feminism. so i can't hate that.

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It's all DARVO. This is EXACTLY what transidentifying people are doing and various people have noted it and called them out on it and, as they always do, they say that's completely wrong and then take on that argument for themselves. All they do is appropriate EVERYTHING. That they would then try to use that as an argument against other people is a fucking joke.

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