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I think appropiating this, is the way to make it un-cool.

Parents should tell their gender-questioning children "I'm non-binary. I wore a hoodie today, I'm such a boy. Uwu" "Mom, you are not non-binary" "NON-BINARY PEOPLE DON'T OWE YOU ANDROGYNY. YOU ARE OPPRESSING ME"

Then watch them cringe and rethink their choices.

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I literally said this to my husband the other day!!! We were watching the Abigail Shrier interview on Triggernometry and we started talking about how our nieces/nephews are currently learning about gender nonsense in school (some of them in first grade). We thought that maybe if any of them "come out", the parents should do it too. It's the easiest way to make something uncool.

My niece has been wearing her blue-light glasses all day, so I started doing it whenever we face-timed and she instantly quit doing it 😂

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Particularly as they have given the option of "non-binary agenda"- that is literally what I am and it has it's own flag!

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This is absolutely brilliant.

If my son was still in that age group I would come out as trans tomorrow.

I mean today.

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I read this five times and I still don’t understand what the argument is. How can you possibly appropriate being trans? It makes no sense. It sounds like they threw every buzz word they could think of in a sentence.

That being said, I’ve seen Twitter accuse Harry Styles of appropriating being trans by being a man wearing a dress so idk.....

While I don't believe there is any such thing as "true trans" or "real trans" there are men with dysphoria and men who are autogynophilic. Is the first group accusing the second group of appropriation?

Honestly, you can't make this shit up.

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there are men with dysphoria and men who are autogynophilic.

There's extensive overlap between those groups, though.

I have no doubt there's a lot of overlap. I once read a story by an autogynophilic who developed dysphoria. He desperately wanted to get back to his normal life, but it took a lot of effort and avoiding porn to clear his head. I don't remember where I read that, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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This was my understanding of their argument as well.

What used to be two distinct categories, transsexual or transvestite, now fall under transgender. With gender and sex continually being conflated, I think a vast majority of trans allies think transgender people are just old school homosexual transsexuals. Creepy AGP behavior needs to be in the spotlight more. They need to be the transsexuals' problem, not ours.

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This was my thought, a truscum telling off a tucute.

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They might also be calling out the transtrenders/bandwagonners/NB or queer "trans" that are not transing to anything at all.

ETA : I'm sure I've heard like Rose of Dawn say something about trans being a medical condition and people who do not have the condition but claim to be trans. Might be what the person is referring to.

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I've seen transmeds accuse trenders of appropriation. I've seen trenders accuse male-id drag queens of appropriation. I'm sure there are others.

But nothing changes the fact that women created our own styles and all those men are copying us. It's the equivalent of a group at a cosplay convention getting upset that they're not the only ones who decided to dress up as Poison Ivy.

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First Trans women also hated drag. Even though it's actually a part of Gay men's Culture, it actually exaggeration of performance of women. They think they are actually making fun of them, as men in dresses. Drag shows and Dragqueens have nothing to do with them. But their Narcissism is an unfillable well.

From the fashion spread that Jaden Pinkett Smith did in 2016 thru 2020 Harry Styles' Vogue spread, Trans women will continue to be be offended as see it as mocking them as " men in dresses."

One of the first subcultures to accept Trans women was the Goth Communities. About 6 years ago men in the Goth scene started to genderbend their presentation in clothing. Of course there was a long screed by a TIM complaining that they were erasing his lived experiences.

In this case It's the [ TIMs, TIFs, Transfemme/Transmasc NBs] vs [ White straight people calling themselves NBs to be seen as special snowflakes]. The former have used cross-sexed HRT and various surgies to look like the opposite sex. The latter are riding wave of GNC and claiming that they are just as Trans as those in the Trans Binaries.

This is what happens when you have no definitive meaning of what Transgender or Trans. When you as TRAs are ready to non-consensually dragoon other GNC subcultures under an umbrella; Crossdressers, Femboys and GNC people in the service of boosting the population numbers.

These are political self-inflicted gun shot wounds.

Honestly, I was eating and choked on my eggs when I saw that.

Are these people so narcissistic that they don't realize what they're saying? Are they that mentally ill?

Do they not realize that they are appropriating womanhood? Are they that fucked up?

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I think this is from the truscums who actually genuinely believe that when they were in utero god made an error and placed a perfectly female lady brain Inside a male body, hence they literally believe they are women with birth defects. I honestly sometimes find those more despicable than the trender blue haired demibois. It's so incredibly offensive to women.

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... or that their for-real boy's brain is horrifyingly trapped in a despicable girl's body. Which is also offensive to women, but perhaps even more disturbingly so because the belief is based on such profound self-hatred and misogyny.

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That's what i truly don't get about truscums... They come so close by admitting being trans (or more accurately dysphoria) is a mental issue/ mental illness but then they turn around and say they are real women/men and should be allowed to invade women's spaces. If you realise that it's "only" in your head... How can you still claim to be a real woman despite your completely male body? And yes, even a male body who is cosmetically altered to superficially resemble a woman's body is still a male body. After all that dude who made himself look like a tiger through surgeries didn't actually become a tiger. It's so frustrating!

Denial - ATS, it's not just a river in Egypt. "Lady" brain in male body, "boy" brain in girl's body. It just proves that second wave feminists were right - sex stereotypes ("gender") are just plain wrong. But oh no, "gender" (sex stereotypes) are right, they've GOT to be, they're patriarchal and prove males are superior! It must be the body that's wrong! They twist their so-called brains in endless contortions just to deny that second wave feminism is right and patriarchal sex stereotypes are bull. BrainDEAD is more like it.

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We're really having a convo about appropriation? They wanna go there? Really? We can go there. 😏 What could be more appropriation than men colonizing womanhood for a fetish?

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It's all DARVO. This is EXACTLY what transidentifying people are doing and various people have noted it and called them out on it and, as they always do, they say that's completely wrong and then take on that argument for themselves. All they do is appropriate EVERYTHING. That they would then try to use that as an argument against other people is a fucking joke.

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So are butch women appropriating trans? Is a man who wears color tint chapstick appropriating trans? Is a Scotsman in his kilt appropriating trans?

There is no hope for these idiots.

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How is being trans anything but a choice if you choose your gender label and choose your pronouns and choose your name and choose to take hormones and etc ... No one chooses their birth sex but you do make a choice to try and identify with the opposite

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hey, if trans want to turn on their own and eat them, I'm fine with that. Go ahead and implode, finally.

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and notice that it's always the "im true trans bc ladybrain uwu" males turning and eating young trans-identifying females who wanted to "spice" up their look. i feel bad for women still left in that movement, as i was once there before myself, but it was the insanity and male privilege of TIMs that peaked me so i assume this sort of rhetoric will create another tidal wave of detransitioning women that are peaking into radical feminism. so i can't hate that.

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I can’t tell what this is complaining about. Are they complaining about tucutes? GNC people? Obvious fetishists? All of the above?

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I was regularly on Tumblr when truscum/tucute was becoming a thing but I never figured out who came up with these words or why the f they caught on. Why were they embraced??? And by both sides???

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Oh please eat your young. Please please please.

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If self ID is valid and anyone is trans because they say so and there’s zero gatekeeping allowed, it is literally impossible to appropriate.

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