The teacher is now calling himself "Kayla Lemieux". When I searched the name, some articles about the school shooter Ethan Crumbley come up mentioning a neighbour by that name. It could just be a coincidence, but Michigan is close to Ontario and I wonder if he knew the other Kayla LeMieux. Could be another case of a TIM deliberately taking a woman's name due to obsessing over her or for intimidation reasons or whatever.

I know there are already many posts on this subject, but this is what struck me from this article:


In a recent letter to parents, the school confirmed the video’s authenticity, but implied that it’s illegal to even suggest that the garb may be inappropriate

so dress codes for kids, or workers in general, might be illegal?

Or is it just "trans" dress codes are illegal? An infringement of their "rights"?

This guy was clearly a safety hazard with his flowing wig and massive fetish-wear. I'd go for an infringement of whatever authority Canada has that is OSHA adjacent.

Is NP a mainstream media outlet in Canada? (Excuse ignorance)

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