Wondering if they think it gives them more legitimacy. Personally I have a hard time believing them because of how rare it is to be intersex, and how common it's becoming to be AGP.

Any theories as to why this is the hot new thing?

Wondering if they think it gives them more legitimacy. Personally I have a hard time believing them because of how rare it is to be intersex, and how common it's becoming to be AGP. Any theories as to why this is the hot new thing?


It is because more and more people are catching on to their bullshit claims of womanhood, and they are finally getting tossed out of women's spaces. Claiming that they have a DSD is the last hope they have of forcing themselves into our spaces.

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It's been around a while. An actual intersex activist said once that it's because trans people are desperate to believe there's a biological basis for their condition.

And then those same trans people turn around and say we're the biological essentialists...

Definitely have seen this too, and I think sometimes it's part of the fetish (the rare AGP trying to get "futa" surgery), but I think more often it's to muddy the waters. Trans use "intersex" to intentionally confuse people (partly way they call it intersex instead of DSD). They use it to obfuscate, and not least of which because it's difficult to disprove in polite society. Contrary to TRA bleating, I've never seen a gender critical woman actually calling for people to have to pull down their pants for a genital check before they can access single sex spaces. And people are confused as to what 'intersex' means, except they've been being programed to believe it's someone who was born 'somewhere between male and female'...so that conspicuous man in a tutu demanding access to the ladies' can claim he was born with female parts and that flips the situation on his head to framing him as an unfortunately masculine looking woman with a medical condition who's very upset. Because it absolves them of accountability if they can claim it as a medical condition, not a choice they made as a man to try to present themselves as women. Because they're willing to lie to get what they want, which is access and submission to their will, and don't care if they have to spread misinformation about real medical conditions that other people have to do it.

Also! Coming back to add, I think it's also a lot of them lying to themselves. Because as much as they say sex and gender are different things (which they are), and pretend they're not related (which is laughably untrue), they don't believe it. Think many claim to be intersex for the same reason they "transition;" because they know they're not female, and know if they aren't physically female in any meaningful way, then they aren't women/"girls." But if they're able to claim that actually the doctor made a mistake and they are really female, just with some unfortunately male-appearing characteristics, that they were genuinely assigned a sex at birth that isn't accurate instead of correctly observed to be what they are and categorized accordingly, then it wouldn't be playing pretend for them to claim to be women.

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AGP men might not try to get "futanari" surgery, but they use that to explain why they identify as lesbians, but still want to dick and impregnate women.

Intersex and women are just porn categories for them.

It's always been around. In the old reddit days we called it COINing, Co-Opting Intersex Narratives. They do it because "normies" already assume that all trans people are intersex (because nothing else makes sense).

It’s been a thing for ages. They say it for the same reason they say they’re women. It’s just a different manifestation of their fetish, and their desire to colonise and speak over vulnerable minorities. Some of them justify it by lying to themselves that they have female brains or that taking estrogen makes them intersex.

In general, you should assume a man who says he’s intersex is lying, especially if he uses the word “intersex.” Gross fetishists are much more common than people with actual DSDs.


Yeah, it's becoming more common. And it's only the larping men I've seen make the claim. I think it gives them a way to try to convince people, especially themselves, that they really were born "female". But every one of them I've seen say they are intersex are clearly lying. They describe anatomic abnormalities not found in whatever intersex disorder they claim to have, and not in any intersex disorder. It's all only about how they really had/have a uterus/ovaries/undeveloped vagina/etc.

A shrewd part of me wonders if they are going with classifying their trans status as a DSD now that they've successfully lobbied to have it removed as a psychiatric diagnosis. This way they can still bill insurance companies for their disfiguring surgeries and hormones.

I learned a new terminology:

pseudologia fantastica (pathological lying generally seen in Munchausen syndrome)

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Yes. Also, referring to their normal genitals as a "birth defect".

LOL, and they call us hateful misandrists but we're not the ones calling a penis a "birth defect."

I've seen TIFs do it too... I've seen multiple instances of women with PCOS referring to themselves as intersex. Because PCOS can cause elevated levels of T naturally (note: nowhere fucking near that of actual men lol) and sometimes male pattern facial hair.

Yes, polycystic ovary syndrome. You know, a condition that literally only affects the female reproductive system. Ovary is literally in the name. In fact a lot of women with PCOS get pregnant naturally, and through ART (ie fertility treatments) nearly all women with PCOS who want to can get pregnant. It's hard for me to think of a more unambiguously female body specific condition.

Generally speaking most people can't tell if somebody has PCOS by looking at them, hell a good chunk of women with it have no idea they have a condition until they are diagnosed in adulthood when seeking fertility treatments or concern about irregular periods.

But yeah, slightly more prominent hair on the lip than most women? bam, TRAs think you're literally not a woman rofl. They truly are that regressive and close minded

I archived it. Truth has a way of getting scrubbed from the internet

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