It would absolutely shatter the ceiling of any reasonable discourse these people are trying to maintain around this grotesquery.

Thanks in advance.

It would absolutely shatter the ceiling of any reasonable discourse these people are trying to maintain around this grotesquery. Thanks in advance.


Better to wear a giant pair of breasts. That way it is exactly the same thing. Penises are genitalia, breasts are not. I would love to see a thousand female teachers with giant prosthetic boobs that they fit beneath too-sheer tops. Show off those nipples too ladies, let them shine!

My only real gripe with this method is that kids will suffer the consequences, but I believe they'd at least understand the protest being made and would know it isn't a fetish.

Get the kids in on it. Back in my day (waving a cane around) we would've all worn giant fake breasts until the school board did something about it. These kids must be scared of retaliation. Plus when I was in high school, there weren't cameras literally everywhere so I wouldn't have had to worry about an embarrassing pic being taken

[–] Lilith 7 points Edited

That would be a fantastic protest. The kids should organize at this same school and do this at least. The teachers will probably be too afraid of getting fired, ironically.

Ugh but what if some of the high school boys actually like it? I had a math teacher one year who was really young and really pretty (she even used to be a professional dancer for a sports team, which maybe she shouldn't have told us lol) and almost all the boys in my class would be so weird about her. They would only call her by her first name and try to flirt with her and stuff... one day she even brought her husband to class, I guess to try and protect her from this behavior (she was always very nice and didn't know how to get them to stop other than asking politely). She ended up quitting the teaching profession after like 2 years--I have no idea why! 🙃

But men will swear up and down that we have "pretty privilege"

The unending harassment that comes along with so called Pretty Privilege completely negates any upsides it might provide

Call her by her first name ... and this shit was permitted? I have no issue with whether students routinely use surnames or first names, but if only a young and pretty woman is called by her first name, that's a serious problem.

A good principal should have shut that down and helped establish the right tone, with consequences if necessary.

Ugh but what if some of the high school boys actually like it

Fake saggy breasts then?

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 1 points

We had something similar, attractive English teacher in 8th grade, but she flirted back with the students, seriously. I have thought about that at various times in my adult life and each time it gets creepier.

The fake tits are a sex toy though. A dildo would just be another sex toy.

[–] llkit 27 points Edited

A giant, strap on dildo. But covered in a really thin material, so as not to be indecent. Mix things up by just wanging it on the desk. BAM! Listen to me now students! 'THWACK' turn to page 75. 'FLUMP' it's your turn to read Steven, carry on. Ends with putting foot in table in that classic male stance they think looks dominant but just looks mental.

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 6 points

Speedrunning how to give students lifelong noise anxiety lul

[–] Eava 31 points

I'd love to see a woman show up with the same prosthetic breast. She'd be expressing her gender identity.

I mean, the issue is that people who are against the Oakville teacher also have the wherewithal to not be sexual around children 😬

[–] Lipsy i/just/can't 18 points

Yeah... Getting into an arms race of indecency can't be easy for, y'know, decent people.

Might even be close to impossible, like faking crazy if you're a fundamentally sane person.

If they didn't want to be sexual, they could wear ridiculously large beehive wigs, strap-on Adam's apples, five-inch eyelashes, and whatever else might look gendered and utterly ridiculous. If confronted, they can say it's an expression of their gender identity (or even "please don't question me about my gender identity,")

I think a large number of teachers and students doing this all at once could make a difference.

Agreed. Someone should instead wear a giant prosthetic weiner at every school board or district meeting

Maybe all Canadian women not working with children could stuff their pants with several pairs of socks instead

I was just ranting for some time about how the hypocrisy of debating which fake breasts are small enough to deem them acceptable for a man to wear and call themselves a woman is too damn high.

I would like the table the opinion that no man should be wearing or growing any breasts that aren’t naturally occurring for the purpose of calling themselves a woman, presenting as a woman, living as a woman, or any other such nonsense. Nor should those people likely be teaching children. I do feel that mental illness should be a valid reason to disqualify some people from certain professions.

If someone is so torn about desperately wanting to fulfill the calling to be a teacher and also wanting to dress up as the opposite sex, then perhaps they have to choose which path is more important to them and accept that sometimes we face consequences for things that we wish we didn’t have to. My female anatomy has prevented me from doing the things I’ve dreamed of and wanted in life, I wasn’t given a choice. Sometimes life sucks, get a helmet.

I’m all out of empathy and sympathy and fucks to give. These nincompoops are harming women and children, and I’ve had enough.

I would, but we all damn well know only a man could get away with that.

The point exactly! However in this moment the hypocrisy would be undeniable.

[–] Moonpriestess 2 points Edited

Agreed. Men and the trans brigade are experts in hypocrisy and mental gymnastics though.

Thinking about how they do whatever they want and justify it with being inclusive, all the while punishing any women that step out of line makes me sick.

Or not, wokes defended even the creep who exposed his real junk to a little girl and women on Wi Spa. They will defend anything if it's done by trans people

[–] Chronicity 1 points Edited

I would like to see a protest that goes beyond fetish gear (because kids shouldn’t be subjected to kink, even if it’s satirically presented). Students and teachers should protest by wearing the most outlandish and distracting accoutrements and props , under the guise of gender expression.

Would love to see female teachers wearing:

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