This culture war is in full swing, and we’d better be the side that wins it.

this is actually scary, if we get tossed into the "state's rights" version of gender protections as we have for contraceptive and women's health protections.

I have shared before my sister in law is a nurse in a major hospital in Ohio and she told me they do two bottom surgeries a week for 18-25 year olds. pretty evenly split between male and female.

Oh my God, that is horrible. Poor kids. You've barely even started to live at that age.

All of this craziness has convinced me that the age of majority need to be raised to 25.

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Yea, considering that woman who got surgery at 21 or 22 then deeply regretted it at 27, I think its a combination of age and the vulnerability when you are mentally ill (depression or other mind states).

So yes, I think up to 25 years old is good age because young people do stupid things even in their 20s. And of course its not to say dumb stuff can't happen at older but for the most part we are all still mentally maturing in our 20s.

And at older ages we need to protect people who are mentally ill, depressed or in cognitive decline (Alzheimers, cancer etc). All of these people are vulnerable. I wouldn't put it past a fucking medical doctor to try and trans senile older people just for the money.

I didn't really get my head together until I was about 28. Even now, things I did say five years ago, I side eye. I'm not sure anyone is ever truly prepared for permanent outcomes of any decision. Which is why it is absolutely essential that the medical establishment, of any bloc, be held to the absolutely strictest ethical standards of care.

That's terrifying. Any idea how many do they do total per week, across all age groups?

two a week / split 50-50 buys and girls. She is a labor and delivery nurse but they let her in the operating room. She told me about the forearm stuff before I saw it online.