When reposting the videos on Instagram, Pullin said that the Zuckerberg-owned platform was 'less Commie' than TikTok

Oh for Christ sakes

Somehow I'm not surprised. CCP spyware app made famous in Canada for being the preferred platform of the midwit "influencer" who leads the woke-on-steroids NDP.

I have to say I have no idea what you're talking about lol.

The video blogger said that Tik Tok was a "commie" app. It's a known spyware app that feeds data to the Communist Party of China. It's rotting Americans' brains. Even Biden's FCC commissioner wants it purged from the Google and Apple app stores (but of course he will not credit Trump for adopting a similar stance).

In Canada, where the anime-boobs teacher is, it's also well known for being the preferred promotional platform of the leader of the ultra-woke New Democratic Party, who himself is a cringey Tik Tok "influencer". So I'd say she's correct in her assertion.