BCH themselves created a Streisand Effect, scrambling to do haphazard damage control on their sicko videos they claimed resulted in an untold number of amorphous "threats." Ultimately only one MAGA crackpot was arrested, and lo and behold, literally nobody on the GC side came to her defence (Libs of TikTok even offered up reward money, which was never collected nor reported on, of course). Then "Billboard" Chris Alston and Wes Yang showed up to a peaceful demonstration, where the "no" side were sympathetic grandmas and the "yes" side were the usual TIM freaks calling old ladies Nazis.

The guy who wrote the biased article about Chris Alston got justifiable backlash for his framing that the demonstration was "far right," as though some guy from polite Canada of all places was a Nazi, and so were the grandmas, moms, and even nurses (most of them lifelong Democrats). Someone at the Globe obviously decided that this couldn't be ignored anymore, and chose to publish Selin-Davis' excellent op-ed. They won all kinds of awards for the Spotlight story on the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church, but massively dropped the ball on the civic religion of gender butchery, because it purportedly favors the Left. But as Selin-Davis points out, this shouldn't even be a partisan issue. It got that way because the Left refused to engage. Their disgraceful omertá is what's driving normies over to the NY Post and Tucker Carlson. They can't keep calling everyone a "MAGA semi-fascist" forever without becoming fascists themselves.

Ever so slowly we're breaking through. It may not be in time for the midterms but it's coming. Alex Carballo is already shitting himself. Well, as the kids say, "cope and seethe."