Holy moly. I had to do a double take as I just naturally assumed it was the Boston Herald (Boston area's "right wing" -- by Boston standards -- newspaper).

Boston Globe is HUGE. Not as huge as the NY Times obviously, but definitely getting up there in a major city in a deep blue state.

And yes, the author chose her words very carefully and isn't going full on "They're literally just men with hentai fetishes lol" but I think she knows her audience and all things considered the author seems fairly GC to me. There is a fine art to phrasing this stuff so "normies" can understand what's really going on without immediately handwaving us away as religious conservatives, which is EXTRA difficult when your audience is coastal liberal elites predisposed to assume the worst who are largely entirely unaware our position even exists or is an option. We're way outside of the Overton window and the author recognizes this well