Can someone summarize the thread or something for those without twitter accounts?

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It’s a training script, videoed with (I assume) actors, for medical professionals (not clear if physician, nurse etc.) The ‘patient’ is a teenage boy who has been brought in to the ER for fainting. Jacob wants to be “Amanda” and since his mother won’t authorize hormones, he’s starving himself to avoid getting “big” and masculine. The practitioner immediately sets herself as an ally with “Amanda” against the mother, asks permission to use Jacob if that’s what it takes to help get mom “on side,” then comes up with a plan with the rest of the care team to guilt trip Jacob’s mom into letting him start hormones.

No questioning what else is going on, how long he’s “known” he’s Amanda, if he’s been molested, if friends are on the trans wagon, what his porn habits are, whether he knows the possible long term harms to his health of hormones, etc. Nor, for that matter, any sign (that I saw - the full video might be longer) that they look for other potential causes of the fainting - no questions about head injuries, blood work, etc.