Kid: I don't like to eat so that I'll stay skinny and more female

Nurse: Well, that makes a lot of sense. So you're not eating because you want to look feminine and feel more feminine?

Kid: Yeah, it's kind of stupid.

Nurse: It's not stupid.

Nahhhhh, it's pretty damn stupid. My question to this fictional training video character would be "why do you think skinny equates to feminine?". But of course, that's nowhere in the script.

That's what struck me as well. This boy said, "I'm starving myself thin because that's what girls do". And the nurse is like, "YEP! That's correct! You go girl!"

…And my observation of the comments says the blame goes to: white women. Did any of you have “white women are to blame for trans lunacy” on your misogyny Bingo cards?

[White] women are to blame for trans lunacy in the same sense that older women in cultures that practice FGM are to blame for it because they're the main ones carrying out the procedures.

Many women have internalized patriarchy so hard they are intent on furthering the cause of male supremacy for whatever crumbs of approval they think they can get for "playing by the rules". That doesn't mean that the issue isn't about sexism and patriarchy nor does it mean women are the ultimate cause of the issue

'Billboard Chris' is just one of those conservative men who think they invented being against trans and blames women.

Billboard Chris blocked me ages ago and I can't remember why.

I honestly don't know that much about him but I remember a video some time ago where he agressively shouts at a female TRA and follows her although she is visibly scared of him. Figured that's all I need to know. Yes she may be on the 'other side' doesn't change the fact that maybe an angry man shouldn't stalk a lone woman for minutes.

Those videos are so fucked up. So, a teenage boy is starving himself to the point of fainting. And he claims that he's doing it because he wants to look small and feminine. And they don't bother treating the eating disorder, getting blood work to rule out a physical illness, or looking into other possible traumas (ie sexual trauma, depression, abuse, food insecurity at home, etc). They don't even get the kid a fucking sandwich or a drink of water! They just IMMEDIATELY turn to affirming this sick child's delusions and badgering his worried mother to play along as well. What the actual fuck!? THIS shit is why nobody trusts the medical establishment anymore!

Scandalous, incriminating material that proves that healthcare professionals are no longer trustworthy.

Most of the tweets are age restricted, you have to log in to see them.

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I read "the children's hospital of pedophilia" ..kinda accurate

This is completely crazy. No gatekeeping at all! At the very, very least, they should tell him medical transitioning comes with serious side effects and isn't likely to make him look any more feminine than he does now. I can't believe they are training hospital workers to automatically encourage a teenager's fantasy that transition will fix everything and he will really be able to turn into a woman, not just a dude with a woman's name.

I can't believe they are training hospital workers to automatically encourage a teenager's fantasy that transition will fix everything and he will really be able to turn into a woman, not just a dude with a woman's name.

Not only that. They're being trained to ignore real problems (like a boy starving himself to the point of fainting) in favor of telling families that transition will magically solve all of the patient's problems! Like, the doctors in the video didn't even feed the starving teenager! They just started badgering his mom to approve hormones!

Yes--Jesus. This also completely ignores the fact that girls have anorexia, not just boys who want to be girls.

Can someone summarize the thread or something for those without twitter accounts?

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It’s a training script, videoed with (I assume) actors, for medical professionals (not clear if physician, nurse etc.) The ‘patient’ is a teenage boy who has been brought in to the ER for fainting. Jacob wants to be “Amanda” and since his mother won’t authorize hormones, he’s starving himself to avoid getting “big” and masculine. The practitioner immediately sets herself as an ally with “Amanda” against the mother, asks permission to use Jacob if that’s what it takes to help get mom “on side,” then comes up with a plan with the rest of the care team to guilt trip Jacob’s mom into letting him start hormones.

No questioning what else is going on, how long he’s “known” he’s Amanda, if he’s been molested, if friends are on the trans wagon, what his porn habits are, whether he knows the possible long term harms to his health of hormones, etc. Nor, for that matter, any sign (that I saw - the full video might be longer) that they look for other potential causes of the fainting - no questions about head injuries, blood work, etc.

What hospital can you find an all woman staff only? No male doctor? No male nurse? No father to manipulate and "bring on board"? Just mom? Interesting.

This is sick. It's just brainwashing siccing women on women on behalf of men. How is this not obvious??

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