National Propaganda Radio. This columnist needs to read Lisa Selin Davis' piece for the Boston Globe and stop pigeon-holing everyone who sees this for the barbarity that it is, as a "MAGA semi-fascist". I finally tracked down Walsh's debate on Dr. Phil and he made the TRAs and the charlatan shrink look like fools.

"Transgender" (there really is no such thing) health should involve getting people to understand and accept nuance and biological reality. Not medicalizing kids or fucking with their fragile psyches. And certainly not on the recommendation of the NAMBLA-with-credentials WPATH perverts writing about child eunuchs and pushing to do away with age of consent.

Every single person still defending this needs to be asked if they think it's acceptable to perform liposuction or gastric bypass on anorexic or bulimic patients. Or prescribe diet pills or ipecac syrup. "It's reversible" up until you end up as Karen Carpenter.