It’s ridiculous. If you really believe it it is hateful and causes people to “literally” die, then boycott it for real, don’t use it as click bait. These clowns don’t even have the courage of their convictions.

What people fail to realise when they say “separate art from artist” and encourage people to stay in a fandom without supporting the creator, is that they are still promoting the author, giving free advertising, keeping the creation alive, in turn leading to more book/movie/merch sales. Do they convince themselves JKR was a vessel for a story that happened to pass through her or something?

I'm convinced that we'll soon have "JKR isn't the real author of Harry Potter" conspiracy theories.

The real author will probably be identified as an American transwoman.

I’m surprised we haven’t already tbh. It’s very similar to The Worst Witch in terms of concept, it would be easy for them to latch on to something like that.