I'm guessing it got old. People in the comments always mocked the disclaimers and compared it to some of the allegations of Buzzfeed mistreating employees. LOL

Backstory: Buzzfeed quizzes are my nightly de-stressor lol. They are created by some community members and some staff. I noticed that the two most recent Harry Potter themed quizzes, one from yesterday and one from today, both are lacking the standard "jk is bad give trans people money" hypocritical disclaimer.

As always, money talks lol. I assume these quizzes are making them a lot in ad revenue and they couldn't even pretend to care anymore....thoughts? Wonder if they'll put it back now that someone has noticed 😱

Maybe the hypocrisy was pointed out to them that they are making money off something they are supposedly against

It’s ridiculous. If you really believe it it is hateful and causes people to “literally” die, then boycott it for real, don’t use it as click bait. These clowns don’t even have the courage of their convictions.

What people fail to realise when they say “separate art from artist” and encourage people to stay in a fandom without supporting the creator, is that they are still promoting the author, giving free advertising, keeping the creation alive, in turn leading to more book/movie/merch sales. Do they convince themselves JKR was a vessel for a story that happened to pass through her or something?

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Hopefully they figured that's enough time for people to stop noticing.

Also, I am Fleur Delacour.


During the recent hubbub over the Harry Potter makeup collection, I snooped the line's social media and saw that most of their products had about 100 or so comments but the Harry Potter collection had 1+ comments and interactions and while there were the expected criticisms, the vast majority were along the lines of "I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS COLLECTION!" or "I HAVE ALREADY PLACED MY ORDER AND CAN'T WAIT!"

I wonder how much of that has to do with Buzzfeed's stock dropping like a greased comet?

Plot twist, Buzzfeed pivots away from liberal politics in the pursuit for dollar

Woooow I didn’t know they were doing that. That’s absurd. I wonder what motivated them to take it down

Oh good, I hope they are gone from the holiday gift guides too. It's really dumb when they list someone (usually a woman) etsy or crafts which might have a few Harry Potter items included and so then BF had to put the giant disclaimer and suggest you donate to some charity if you were sensitive. Also seemingly implying you were a bigot if you shopped from that store, and the store was obviously a bigot, but they had other cool stuff so BF has to warn you. So dumb.