I took an interest in that part about the kids seeming to enjoy wielding so much power over adults. I've figured for a while that trans-identified kids would grow up to be utter monsters with how much they're coddled.

For a hot minute a couple years ago, I was close with a family with a trans child (in the 8-10 age range). The kid was male, socially transitioned as a little girl. He checks a lot of the boxes mentioned in the thread. Has a history of early-childhood trauma (as far as I know, not sexual), the father now out of the picture. Mother had virtually no discipline for the kid... the mother herself was massively Cluster B, possibly sociopathic, and used the kid as a prop. In private, when there was no need to show the kid off, the mother would just plop the kid down in front of a Device.

The kid seemed to enjoy the attention for being trans, craved his mother's approval, would not listen to any other adults during instructional periods (for example, teaching the kid how to make pancakes or how to handle various small animals), and in general was sweet but a terror. Super high energy, too.

Not sure how he's gonna turn out, but I don't have high hopes.