Gays Against Groomers, founded by Florida political operative Jaimee Michell who identifies as gay...

"Identifies as gay". No. She IS gay. Unlike gender bullshit, homosexuality is a real thing with an objective definition!

Also, its telling that they're implying that she's lying about being gay. But GOD FORBID us TERFs ever doubt the self declared identity of a man wearing giant balloon tits in front of children!!!

The account has been tweeting nearly nonstop for the past day, calling for its followers to boycott the companies that are holding the group accountable for the vitriol it has generated toward LGBTQ+ communities, educators, and doctors who support transgender kids.

Citation please. Its not vitriol if it's true!

Gays Against Groomers continues to maintain a Donorbox account. Donorbox is a fundraising platform popular with nonprofit organizations. The company boasts clients like Code For America, Habitat for Humanity, and Make A Wish. The Advocate's inquiry with Donorbox on the status of Gays Against Groomers as a platform client went unanswered.

"We're doing our best to make sure these uppity homos are destitute ASAP and can never make an income again! Happy Pride!!"

The length that they go to to cancel someone are insane.

The Admin of KF got his PO box cancelled, his phone number bricked and his lawyers harassed, it never ends.

The length that they go to to cancel someone are insane

Whats worse is that they're so desperate for enemies that they'll go after literal CHILDREN over a mild social faux pas. They'll get someone's college scholarship taken away because they told an edgy joke online when they were thirteen. But they'll cover for actual pedophiles as long as they claim to be trans

The Admin of KF got his PO box cancelled, his phone number bricked and his lawyers harassed, it never ends.

Good Lord....

They got what they wanted. KF is gone. You can't access it without doing a bunch of internet gymnastics. Do they really think that destroying Null's life will make him eager to drop KF for good and move on?

Some people with wrong think opinions have had their bank accounts completely abandon them. Their fucking bank accounts! As much as I dislike transcultists would never rally to take their basic provisions from them because I'm not that God damn narcissistic crazy and sensitive. These people are fucking ridiculous

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I never in my wildest of dreams thought being gay and being AGAINST exposing children to sexualized material would get one labelled as a "hate group". I hate this timeline.

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OK so yahoo can no longer be considered a news source, either.

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Nice, balanced reporting there from Yahoo!—which is totally not part of any tech conspiracy against "anti-trans hate groups".

ETA: https://archive.ph/ot6CJ

So...a group of people who are against groomers is considered "anti-trans"....LMAO

Do they hear themselves? I swear TRAs are their own worst enemies.

It’s starting to look like whack a mole for big tech…they’re having trouble stamping out all the various shades of GC/terfiness.

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The author is on twitter thinking 4chan comments are serious business so maybe the connection between fiction and reality are wearing thin

I'm promoting this to everyone I know will reasonably listen because I think almost everyone can see the insanity of this.

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It's war.

Stop using Google. Stop using YouTube. Don't support these TRAs in any way, shape or form.