She is completely on point when she says: "trans women" aren't just men, they are one of the most misogynistic subgroups of men with the most motivation to make sure patriarchy never changes. and everyone who's ever met one knows this

Everyone who spends enough time with enough of these men who claim they are "women", and gets to know them well enough to hear and see them speaking and behaving freely and openly, comes to the same conclusion.

When "transwomen" tell people to "get to know 'trans' people" (as if that wil lhelp them be seen in any positive ways) I just laughh. That's what I tell people to do - get to know "trans". That is the surest path to terfdom.

Getting to know a trans person is like reading the bible. A quick path to atheism, that is.

I love this, though it is really sad. Women transition due to trauma and misogyny. Men do it for the lolz and the spice, ugh! I feel like the use of “titty skittles” about sums it up. Thanks for posting.

Good thread. Besides her main point, it made me realize just how totally undefended and boundaryless the psyches must be of some of these women:

they all talked about women in the EXACT kinds of ways that made me want to escape being seen like that so desperately. every time I saw anything from their [MTFs] sub I always came away feeling just disgusting and dysphoric

She felt "disgusting". When a person with good boundaries, if they bother with disgust at all, would feel that the TIMs were disgusting.