The same "liberals" who unleash a cancel mob every time a White kid gets dreadlocks will happily defend a White dude who wanks to Master/Slave porn because "kink shaming is mean"

In the old days, the activist’s aim was to demonstrate that gay people are not sexual deviants. These days, activists seem to want to suggest that sexual deviants are just like the gays.

This is my favorite line

I loved that too, it sums the whole thing up so concisely!

At this point most woke people don't care about any of the things they "fight" for they are just acting in the way they think would let them be morally superior to everyone else.

When you look at the kind of people who dress in black and hide their faces, they appear neither woke nor antifacist but men with criminal convictions looking for an excuse to cause trouble.

Do you think some of them are paid agents?

I don’t think they’re paid but some action could be the result of outside influence. For example, there are links between Breitbart and other far right actors and Russia. It would make sense that they stir up the other end of the scale as well.

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I remember when fetishes were looked at as the bottom of the barrel, with fetish content being reserved for the bowels of Deviantart.

Now, fetishes seem to be the rule rather than the exception and it's now considered "wrong" to "kinkshame."

"The old joke says that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged and a liberal is a conservative who has been arrested. Many women have been mugged by men — that is, sexually assaulted — and are likely to be sensitive to the potential predations of the male libido. But equally, many women have been arrested, in the sense of having had their sexual expression policed and controlled."

nailed it, i think of this often

I followed a link in the article to Twitter, where I learned that a teacher in Quebec was removed from the classroom for wearing hijab.

Quebec does have a different culture from the rest of Canada, although I'm not sure about the details of how it's different. But this is still a really stark demonstration of what kinds of beliefs, what kinds of people, are considered acceptable and which are not.

If the Quebecois are anything like the French, and my impression is that they are, they'd be very culturally chauvinistic and see no problem imposing their way of life on others, and a big value for the French is secularism even including forcing religious people not to signal their beliefs in public.