It’s not even about the teacher’s behavior. It’s about who makes them look bad to the public. These people policed the “misgendering” of mother-rapist, Chris Chan. They cape for misogynistic murderers/serial killers. But this teacher and Yaniv, they were too embarrassing and were peaking too many normies.

ETA transgenderism/TRAs is more like a church and it’s members, and one can certainly be excommunicated from a church. It’s an ideology/belief system, not just a state of being, like being homosexual or female. The problem is, TRAs want to pretend their ideology is not an ideology, but a state of being. Until shit hits the fan, and then it’s an ideology that people can be kicked out of. They want it both ways.

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You'd think they'd have been ecstatic to let Chris-Chan get MiSgEnDeReD. Why wouldn't TRAs have wanted to disavow him even more than Mr. Hentai-kun the otaku shop-class perv?

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This puzzles me, too. My cynical and "let me be wrong" take is that his victim was his mother, and an older white woman, and they can currently be blamed for everything (including, according to a lot of right wing GCs, transgenderism lol). Not to mention not one single TRA I've met has a healthy relationship with his mother.

This guy is involving kids in his fetish. I'm not sure they're actually more offended, they just realize that far more people give a shit about kids than about adult women being raped.

They don’t really care about kids either, scores of them get groomed and abused online and irl, behind closed doors. It’s just that with this teacher, TRAs can’t “that never happens!” this or spin it as a fake scare story by GCs. It’s all up in everyone’s faces.

Particularly boys. That business with the TIM watching the underaged girls undress in a public bathroom at the swimming pool didn't cause as much peaking.

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In addition to what others have said, a key difference with Chris is that he was held accountable and quickly hustled out of the public eye. If this teacher had been suspended or fired immediately upon the story going viral, it would be less obvious to normies that fetish display is a major problem with TIMs, both in terms of exposing who they really are and exposing the "accommodations" they want in the workplace.

You’d think, but these misogynists don’t really have a problem with rape or incest. They probably jack off to it, and the handmaidens are guilted into feeling sorry for him because he’s “mentally ill”. And Chris-Chan is relatively unknown by normies, it’s only very online people that are aware of his extensive history.

The public backlash wasn't as strong nor noticable back then. Now that more of the world is watching, they are starting to get a bit nervous.