It’s not even about the teacher’s behavior. It’s about who makes them look bad to the public. These people policed the “misgendering” of mother-rapist, Chris Chan. They cape for misogynistic murderers/serial killers. But this teacher and Yaniv, they were too embarrassing and were peaking too many normies.

ETA transgenderism/TRAs is more like a church and it’s members, and one can certainly be excommunicated from a church. It’s an ideology/belief system, not just a state of being, like being homosexual or female. The problem is, TRAs want to pretend their ideology is not an ideology, but a state of being. Until shit hits the fan, and then it’s an ideology that people can be kicked out of. They want it both ways.

How the mother rapist or other p3dos are higher in the hierarchy? AFAIK this new fetishist has only exposed his fake tits, that's plastic, hasn't physically attacked anybody and hasn't tried to groom any student. Or has been inappropriate. I'm thinking this guy just wants money.

Well, Chris-Chan and those other criminals are in jail afaik, they are safely out of the public eye. But this teacher is smack-dab in normie-land, teaching kids. They can’t just quietly memory hole him. TRAs even went to bat for Yaniv until his outrageous online behavior and constant malicious litigation embarrassed them, after which they tried to distance themselves.

and as far as we know hasn't provided drugs to children, etc.

Yeah, this guy sucks, but lots of TIMs do far worse things to children and get far less flack. Honestly part of it is probably just an accident of timing. It may be inconsistent, but just as it's weird to me that sports is a better tipping point than rapists in women's prisons, but I'll take it if it works ... same here.