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They need to own it. If he says he's trans. He's trans. They are like him. He is like them. I see no difference. And either way, its against the law in Canada (as I just learned) for anyone to say anything to him or about him. That's why he is there. The magic word is trans.

If we the world have to deal with him as a trans pedophile among kids so do they. They are the reasons why he is there. The can't just revoke his membership just because they don't like him or fail to see fully themselves in him. He is TRANS 1000%. They keep saying if you say your X your X. The minute anyone says X they are X as they say. And their other lies "no debate" "gender is a spectrum" Let them eat their own excrement I say.

He's not the only one.. there's tons more like him. I say keep posting his photo and others with the words Trans, transgender and transwoman .. everywhere. Edit: Make these posts in a fully positive fashion... say you are "proud" to support him as part of the community. What a true marvel of trans hood. LOL

When this trend is over, as trans ppl get older and the effects of the damage they've done to their bodies really start kicking in on a mass level, and the lawsuits from the kids who are right now being transitioned in childhood start, this is all gonna feel like a horrible fever dream lol

If he's not entitled to "trans rights" then they are "rights" that not everyone has. Which means they are not "right", but actually they are PRIVILEGES. Taking back "trans rights" from pedophiles and fetishists only goes to show that they were never "rights" to begin with.