The definition of a “No true Scotsman” fallacy. Yes, this guy is under the trans circus tent, and yes, his behavior looks terrible for them. Too bad. At some point, enough of them will age into being uncool that they will no longer inflict their fetish on the public at large.

Gen-alpha isn’t going to be impressed by gen-z’s bullshit once they become teenagers themselves. It’s a pyramid scheme that will run out of edginess the more normies join. My hope is that the pyramid collapses as quickly as possible to minimize total victims. But eventually, it will implode, just like an mlm.

They'll say the person doesn't "represent the community" but they never say the person isn't trans.

They just insist that every community has a few bad apples but that it's the obsessive transphobes who are getting all caught up always pointing them out and making a big deal about them as if that's some kind of standard.

They'll say both that the trans population is teeny tiny and hardly noticeable, and then also that all the examples of creeps and sex offenders is an unfair focus on a miniscule portion of their much larger and nice, happy, normal, well-adjusted population.

They'll say that kink-shaming is bad, but also that there is no greater tendency toward perversion within their community.

They'll say if that person wasn't trans, you wouldn't have paid any attention - which is usually both impossible to parse since male presence is part of the issue, and not even true since women who behaved similarly would also draw attention...

But I don't think they necessarily say anyone isn't trans. They still demand the "preferred" pronouns for rapists. They want the stats to be skewed and the criminals to be in the wrong prisons. You're just the bigot if you think that means other trans people have problems.

It shows their fascist nature, everything bad is already lumped on to the "cis" its like a religion with a hierarchy of order of those considered evil and those saintly, the lowest are the "cishet" that are futher devided into colour, sex to define how evil they are and "allies" who will be accepted if they serve them but still be below them unless they convert, then the "cis" traitors like gays and detransitioners.

they are doing the same thing to him, he's the wrong kind of trans he isnt holy enough he has defiled the image of them as supreme beings so has been demoted to one of the enemy the "cis".

just more proof its a ideological cult.

There’s a lot of that. I have to say though I’ve personally heard gay friends say that ‘soandso says they are bi and I think they are in denial’. Could it be a little like that?

I think the time has come for the No True Trans Fallacy to replace the Scotsman.

there are SO MANY OVERT HYPOCRISIES AND INCONSISTENCIES in gender ideology and yet why do so many people not see it??

Yup. It's imaginary garbage, which is why the majority of people don't take transgenderism seriously. And the more TIPs show their whole asses to the world, the more the believers will be confronted with that.

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It's kind of funny to see them all choking on their "this never happens!!!!! We just wanna blend in!!!! We just wanna pee!!!" now. I just wish children didn't have to be subjected to this man's fetish, though.

I believe gay, lesbian, bi and yes, trans people are being harmed by the secretive and subversive nature of the TRA movement. Nobody wants to be associated with bad actors.

From my perspective, the shop teacher is a bad actor, His sole purpose is to agitate and seek attention for his political cause.

FYI, I don't abide by the preferred pronoun nonsense, as it demands the conquistador's reconstruction of language. Not happening.

If trans people are harmed by it, then why didn't they stand up against it?

The stupid libfems might have listened to trans people, but there's what, like two TIMs speaking against transactivism?

They don't get to "no true trans" him.

They wanted self-ID, they got it, this man is as trans as any other man who claims to "feel like" a woman, whatever that means.

I just keep thinking about the young woman over in Iran who died while in custody of the morality police over her refusal to wear a headscarf.. contrast that situation with this entitled, perverted creepy ass man that is allowed to do whatever he pleases because god forbid anyone ever challenge the almighty man 🙄..my god, I hate them and this rigged system that they have created that ensures that they are always right no matter how awful and wrong they are and we are always wrong no matter how right..

I had very similar thoughts, sister, while listening to coverage about Mahsa Amini, the murdered young woman in Iran.

I had intended a post, but yours was more eloquent than mine would have been. Thank you.

Sorry, I'm just now seeing your reply! You're welcome love, but I bet your post would've been good..I'm not really that eloquent or articulate.. lol..but thank you!❤

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