For now I can think of: "barbie pouch" and "titty skittles", there definitely more.

For now I can think of: "barbie pouch" and "titty skittles", there definitely more.


Everything they say that refers to our bodies at all. My skin crawls whenever they go on about their "booba"

“Birthing people” and “cervix havers” etc. It’s not as superficially disgusting as fish jokes, but I think the erasure of women is actually much more misogynistic and harmful.

Its especially bad when they push for those terms to be used in medical settings (where it could cause confusion among patients or staff and possibly endanger patients' health)

I find those kinds of terms viscerally irritating. They induce such rage.

Among other things, I was called a "Fuckstick" by trans lobbyists after unsubscribing from an aggressive trans rights mailing list two years ago. A "journalist" in a major city, who I don't know, then wrote an article in a statewide publication blasting me and calling me a "turkey." I emailed that journalist, who never reached out to me before writing about me, about how obviously courageous she is. She didn't respond. Time has a way of making these folks look like morons.

Did you leave a reason for unsubscribing or did you just do it without feedback? I got a nasty comment from one assbiscuit for unsubscribing because I said he was spiteful.

I see some point in laying it out, even if just compiling something to show on-the-fence 'be kind' people who still consider themselves feminists to some degree.

'Stink ditch' 'Mommy milkers' 'Bimbo juice'

(Also basically ever standard old misogynistic term that isn't originated by TIMs but by men in general that I've seen them use, the slurs we all know, things like 'bleeders,' 'breeders,' 'gash,' 'ax wound,' and just about every other contemptuous disgusting word men have come up with for referring to vaginas). Reveling in calling themselves bimbos and wh*res.

I’ve only ever seen “stink ditch” to describe TIMs inverted penis “vaginas”

I'd initially seen it used by TIMs themselves (the founders of Trans Lifeline), both to refer to actual vaginas and their own surgical constructs...and then lurking the Bird/Fruit Farms, a lot of commenters on that thread started using it to refer to pseudo vaginas to point out how misogynistic and gross and male it was of them to use that term.

And let us not forget the term "Janet" Mock and friends used among themselves: "fish."

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The same all misogynistic, pornsick men use. What’s the point of the question?

Why? What's the point of making a list? We know they're misogynists. What's the value of repeating all their hate speech here?

Exactly. If I want to hear gender slurs, I'll just go to reddit or twitter.

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Or outside, or inside, really anywhere on Earth is fine.

Front hole

I made the mistake of letting my curiosity get the better of me and I went down a horrifying neovag/neodick rabbit hole

All's I can say is those things, even the ones that are considered the best of the best outcomes, don't look like vaginas at all

These surgeons are laughing all the way to the bank

They look terrible lol they look like a tiny little ass on the front of the guy's body, nestled in between his non-existent stick-straight hips. For them it's not a front hole, it's a front butt.

Actually it is a front hole too, because it sticks out in the front where their dick used to be. On women it doesn't actually sit facing the front, it points directly downwards, but you can't expect these guys to know that.

Nah but they use front hole for female genitalia not for TIMS that actually got a front hole with no functionality. I posted about how womens vagina it's the middle hole! I'm transphobic as fck for knowing how to count to three, and use adverbs.