‘He wanted to know why someone was holding up a sign listing the percentage of sexual assaults committed by men (about 97%). “What’s the connection?” he inquired. The woman took a deep breath and dived in. They were still talking about 45 minutes later. By the end, the man was pleased that the arguments were sound, but felt such a profound sympathy for trans people that he couldn’t let go of the feeling they were the ultimate victims. He promised to think about it.’

Good that he listened but still ends the conversation thinking actual violence against women comes second place to men’s feelings. Sigh.

[–] Korok 👹 problem? 4 points

I think she wasted her time even talking to him. 97% SA from men (as if we don't all know that and I don’t mean just feminists), some guy asks about it and you know damn well he was just fucking around out there.

I think you’re right. The connection is obvious. If the majority of sexual assaults come from men, you don’t allow men access to single sex spaces. Nothing to explain. Taking knock off birth control pills you bought on the internet and putting on a dress doesn’t change the male propensity for violent crime.