Harry Styles met the stalker at a bus stop in 2019 and offered to help her, believing she was homeless.

Orero subsequently appeared repeatedly outside his house and once grabbed Styles when he was jogging, demanding money from him.

This is just sad. Styles tried to do a good deed and use his wealth to aid a homeless person. And his reward was a stalker who made him and his staff feel unsafe in his own home. And now, to add insult to injury, he and his staff have to pretend that the lunatic who assaulted them and made them fear for their lives for months was a dainty woman and not a man

Yet another TIM stalker!

She then broke into the house and fought a construction worker while the As It Was singer was upstairs

Maybe he just needed to use the restroom?

They ‘just wanna pee’ after all…

Why the hell does this person still have a man's name if he's pretending to be a woman? Also the article uses they pronouns. Which is it???

Later in the article it says he goes by Kimberly, so I assume he goes by that but hasn't had it officially changed yet.

it’s interesting how in the first paragraph of the article, the TIM is referred to as “they” and then with his given name, which identifies him as male. then they say that this person is “known as” the female name he’s chosen, and they go on to then switch to female pronouns.

daily mail wants to make it clear that it was a MAN stalking harry, because that’s much scarier/more serious than a woman stalker. they’re affording him this respect with the possibility of backlash. (probably just because it will sell if it seems more serious, but still.)

interesting that in so many other cases they do not do this and there is only a quick mention of “this woman is trans.” they do not care about women or afford women the respect they are willing to give harry styles of reporting the story accurately.

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