Lynx, a transgender pupil who uses the pronouns they/he/it, said the school was “extremely supportive with every little tweak” of gender identity as they adjusted.

Translation: They tried to see how far they could go and realised there was no limit to the demands they could make. What a lovely powertrip path this child must be on.

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"Lynx" no doubt she's been groomed by creeps with an overabundance of furry porn.

That or wanting to name herself after her favourite manly deodorant.

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Referring to a child as an “it” is something that our society considered morally repugnant, once upon a time. Remember the bestselling 1995 memoir “A Child Called ‘It’”? The book was a horrific tale of child abuse, and one of the abusive behaviors in the book was using the term “it” to refer to the child.

Also, they, he and it can all be used interchangeably, so when would I use each one? Just choose one pronoun and run with it? With 190+ students every year I had a hard enough time learning names. I’m afraid I would be ignoring pronouns.

I know this is in Scotland but it really makes me wonder how much time is being wasted in US public schools with gender crap while we have a concerning number of children who can't even read.

Why the fuck do they have a 'pride club'?

Instead of just accepting and supporting LGB students, they've turned it into an exclusive club that all the cool kids want to join. And they can't opt into LGB, but can very much opt in to TQ+...

I mean LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ12345onceicaughtafishalive+@&?!£$€ is basically it’s own fan club and subculture at this point

That school has a full blown social contagion, and they are disgustingly boastful about it.

It would have been statistically impossible for them to have such a high percentage of “gender specials”, had this phenomenon been a purely biological one.

A species that has a large percentage of its members self-sterilize (or simply not be able to figure out how babies are made) wouldn't exist for long.

A tiny silver lining at the end: 58% of people would refuse to put pronouns in their signatures.

The rest of the article turned my stomach. What is the purpose of these clubs? Every other school club does something productive. Robotics club builds robots. Tennis club plays tennis. What do they even do in LGBTQ club? Sit around and discuss the best way to self harm and blackmail others into indulging your whims?

I had a lot of gay friends in high school, and the old LGB club (no trans back then) was essentially a support group, which was fair since being gay in the '90s still wasn't a walk in the park. Considering how solipsistic the TQ tends to be, I'm guessing a "support" group is the last thing they need, and they'd be better off volunteering at a soup kitchen.

I remember when LGB clubs in schools were banned because supposedly it would be a means for "recruiting" and corrupting children. Never mind that just about any club can be abused that way and there are tried, true and reasonable means to counter genuine safeguarding concerns. But these TQ clubs are supposedly okay. (I won't use their alphabet soup terms that force team LGB nor their terms attempting to make pedophiles seem sympathetic.)

I frequent a theatre that hosts several touring Broadway productions every year, and the cast always has the option to add pronouns to the playbill. I was both surprised and delighted to find that the vast majority of cast members do not add pronouns to the playbill. I’d say less than 5% utilize pronouns in the playbill.

I think LGBT clubs have been useful in the past because they helped kids find each other. Unfortunately in the last couple of years they’ve been entirely taken over by the T and run off the L in at least some cases so they don’t offer the same support as they used to.

So much dystopian feels right up until that last sentence of the article. Bless you, 58%.