I hope this is the start of GC women running for office all over the world. I'm not British but it seems like most people would choose her over a mentally ill man.

But isn't he some sort of (minor) celebrity? People who liked him could vote him simply based on that.

Oh, he was a huge TV star in the 90s, and is still in papers and on talk shows a lot. He will have a lot of support just based on that.

Well, he was one half of the henchmen duo “The Disco Boys” in the superhero send-up Mystery Men… I haven’t seen it in a long, long time, but I still remember: “Disco is not dead! Disco is life!!” 😆

maybe maybe not izzard is standing in a labour stronghold as labour so the sheep will vote for him regardless, but its a good idea if we can get independent candidates to stand up and down the country under the banner of standing for women, well most local councils are run by multiple councilors (1 from each boroughs ward) who have to meet up to discuss council policy, funding allocation etc, so having a few terfs on the council to sway decisions is a good idea.

It is a really good idea, now that you say it--feminists can't run as part of a party, since all the parties hate women, but a 'standing for women' campaign of independents could be amazing.

I read that headline and was like YES! and then the PN part made me laugh. They make Posie sound so badass.

So apparently EI wants to run for Labour in Sheffield Central, which is a Labour safe seat.

He’s almost guaranteed to win if selected but if Posie does run, I honestly wonder if she could cause an upset. She’s brilliant at getting media coverage. There will be a lot of people fucked off with Labour who wouldn’t ever vote Tory, she could be a focal point for protest votes. Seat is full of students more than old school Labour types though, but maybe even students are getting hacked off with all the bullshit by this stage.

Anyway I hope she does this even though she’s extremely unlikely to win. She’d be doing it for the free media coverage, not because she actually wants to be an MP. And I suspect it would be extremely funny.

Yes, even if she loses it would be a good outcome if she's able to attract a decent number of Labour supporters.

'even though she’s extremely unlikely to win' I don't know...she's shown that she has a remarkable talent for PR.

Pro women and girls activist Posie Parker wants to stand as an MP against fetishist Eddie Izzard

fixed it.

And what exactly does Eddie have to bring to the table aside from absolutely nothing

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I'm in the US, but I still wish I could vote for her!

Edit: I was all for her until I saw the man in black face incident at one of her events. Not good.. She's the same as Tucker Carlson. Im surprised she would have an event like that. Some are saying it was a parody of Antifa or "people in black hoodies" instead. Whatever it is she needs to clear that up.

Penis News was the only source I could find that reported this. I hope she goes through with it.

Original link: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2022/09/23/posie-parker-kellie-jay-keen-trans-eddie-izzard-mp/

Penis News, male supremacist creeps:

However, she did take a break from talking about how much she loved money to criticise the hijab as “atrocious” and a “tool of oppression”,

Gasp how awful of her, clearly women are burning their hijabs all across Iran as a cosy celebration of bonfire season.

Gasp how awful of her, clearly women are burning their hijabs all across Iran as a cosy celebration of bonfire season.

Mahsa Amini is just a TERF who died of internalized Islamophobia. Don't fact check my statement because fact checking is Islamophobic and transphobic

she said about it the other day on her terf talk tuesdays phone in on youtube thats where the idea germinated. it only costs £500 to throw your hat into the ring.

I'm curious as to how PN came to the conclusion that the Brighton SFW event was ~disastrous~!

Maybe because 3 people from the TPA side were arrested, and another two have been exposed as being abusive towards children (Carly-May Kavanagh) and indulging in some casual premeditated assault (Madison Hartwright)..? 🤔

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