The closest I can find are NY Post and Daily Mail, which are too close to "tabloid" for what I need the sources for. All else that shows up in every search engine I've tried are either small-time conservative outlets (with the obvious bias those carry) or supposedly local news stations from places I doubt would have much more details than what we know so far.

Something smells fishy about this story and the way it's been propagated.

The closest I can find are NY Post and Daily Mail, which are too close to "tabloid" for what I need the sources for. All else that shows up in every search engine I've tried are either small-time conservative outlets (with the obvious bias those carry) or supposedly local news stations from places I doubt would have much more details than what we know so far. Something smells fishy about this story and the way it's been propagated.


Something smells fishy about this story and the way it's been propagated

Can you explain what you mean by this? I have heard others say this but they weren’t au fait with the excesses of the trans movement and were still in the “this can’t be happening, a grownup would stop it” stage. The school’s public statements have confirmed it by not denying it and saying they support him.

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Reputable? You want information from publications paid to say "men are women" by the Trans Industry? How are those sorts of sources "reputable"? There's a huge problem on the Left wherein people enveloped in the cult dogma refuse to access information that doesn't come from Party Approved Sources, i.e. that isn't bias confirming propaganda.

Hate to say it, but you're right.

God, I hate that we're starting to sound like liberal-hating rightwingers, but the American Left has done this to themselves.

And, as it turns out, they were correct about a lot of things that I, anyway, mocked them about for years and years. I will no longer trust anything told to me by a person or organization that denies biology. That's not to say that everyone who states human sex is dimorphic is to be trusted across the board, but I'm much more likely to give them the benefit of the doubt, knowing they have the courage to stand in truth on that issue.

https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/oakville-teacher-viral-reports-trafalgar-high-school-1.6588711 (Sorry my internet isn't fast enough to archive this link at the moment). But IMO this is a left leaning source reporting on it. The school is also quoted as not confirming the name of the teacher and saying it's a personnel matter. If it was a hoax they would just say it was a hoax.

This is a good start. Thank you for the link. I will have to watch the situation more closely to see if anything else pops up.

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Thank you for the links. I wasn't saying it was a hoax per se, just that something felt off about the reporting done so far

It was Reduxx who broke the story. They check their facts, they can’t afford not to.

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The writer explained in the article exactly how they checked their facts also: checking the school website, calling the school etc.

OP here’s the school board whoever speaking publicly https://twitter.com/newworldhominin/status/1572435987795677185?s=46&t=Tq3RrfwxYO99ZAorDitr9A

It includes the videos on Twitter of the perve, so clearly this school board whoever is referring to the perve in the explanation of how they support gender identity expression whateveryfluff

(Curtis Ennis school board waffleblah)


Actual school board. Clarifying that it’s not SH. But if the teacher wasn’t one of their teachers they would have said that, not oh we can’t say who it is. Which in itself confirms it.

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What do you ‘need’ the sources for OP?

Here in the UK the tabloids and the right wing Broadsheets have been excellent on truthful reporting about gender ideology, and not cowering.

Unlike the Guardian that willingly threw women under the bus.

If terf Island had waited for the Guardian to not be raging misogynists then we would have ushered in self ID and been as fucked as tranada.

Logic and reasoning will serve you better than purity circles over which newspaper you will believe. Read them all and use common sense to evaluate what’s written, and what isn’t written.

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You have to clarify what you mean by "reputable news source." Most of the MSM is totally unreliable on this topic.

Coverage by a local paper:


Canadian national newspaper coverage:





Coverage on The Rising from The Hill in the USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MZJ5JHdDCM

Rebel News (right wing but usually accurate on these issues, as illustrated by their coverage of the Yaniv saga) report about attempts to clear up the confusion about the name of the teacher involved. The teacher, now known as Kayla Lemieux, was originally identified as Stephen Hanna (sp?): https://youtu.be/nQXR3dRDzps

There been several of these types of posts lately and it's starting to feel a little suspicious.

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There’s lots of young posters on here. Many seem recently peaked and not knowledgeable about radical feminism.

It feels unbelievable if newly peaked.

Different style from those of us who were on Twitter when Danielle Muscatto was tweeting suck my dick on international women’s day, or signed the petitions about Barbie Kardashian, or wrote letters to mps about Alex Drummond and his how lesbians can enjoy giving blow jobs classes in schools, or rainbow monkey dildo butt drag queen story time in libraries and primary schools, or greyson perry, or Yaniv, or Lilia Perry, or cotton ceiling classes and so on. Or watching the freaks celebrate Magdelane Burns death, after she took down RJD so effortlessly.

It never even entered my head to think this was a hoax or wasn’t as it’s been reported. I’ve seen way too much of this already. It must feel Kafkaesque if it’s newer.

Sorry to go off topic but what did Grayson Perry do out of interest?

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He’s a self confessed agp and auto peadophilac. He said in several msm interviews that he thinks dressing as a little girl is the ultimate turn on because little girls are the most sexually humiliating thing there is. He says he likes that it makes others uncomfortable, that it’s part of the thrill. That he knows it makes his daughter uncomfortable and does it anyways. That he wears the big poofy little bow peep skirts to hide his stiffy. And then there’s his grotesque art work-little girls jacking off the teddy bears huge hard cock. Then there’s him donating an art wing to a primary school, after children viewed his art work. The pic with him with the huge poofy skirt standing with Kate Middleton outside of the primary school. He’s utterly predatory. Just because he’s up front about that doesn’t make him any better a predator than the ones who claim they just want to pee.

Google his name and mumsnet feminism and you’ll find thousands of threads that have all the links to his own words in msm interviews. Many msm broadsheets and tabloids.

I need “reputable” (read: “left wing trusted”) sources to show to the idiots in my life who refuse to read “rags” like the Daily Mail and will dismiss anything that isn’t in their mainstream news cycle as lies. They can’t or won’t read sources from “the opposition” critically to work out whether it is truth or lies for themselves.

I am willing and capable of analysing and judging an article regardless of where it came from but the people I dearly hope will come to realise they are supporting madness wont even click a link if doesn’t pass their purity criteria.

I am honestly desperate for coverage of this from “trusted” newspapers (I no longer trust them) because I’ve yet to find a single article that I can send to these people that they’ll look at. They’re either from the Daily Mail, from a random local paper, or they’re from a known radical feminist publication who I know have done their research, but whose usage of terms like “trans identified male” makes my foolish friends and family believe they’re a lying hate group.

Keeping this out of mainstream left wing media is one of the trans lobby’s biggest successes in keeping the lie going.

Use the school boards live interview then.

The school board official wouldn’t be standing up in public and telling the world that they support any teachers gender identity and they support however he needs to express his gender identity.

If this wasn’t happening as reported then the school board would just straight up say: it’s a hoax or not our school or photos are doctored or whatever.

Posts here on Ovarit asking for sources, or posts elsewhere on the internet about the boobs teacher...?

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I have had the same doubts about this story. Everyone I have shared it with I feel the need to be like "This SEEMS to be legit but so far no major news sources are covering it, so I don't know..."

It's funny because how do you teach people to judge the reliability of a news story? When you've got people clicking "share" on anything that matches their narrative without looking into it, only to later find it's false news? You ask, "What source is covering it? What do you lnow about this source's bias? Are you able to find any other sources covering it?" If no one else is reporting, you should consider if it's reliable. This is like... fact checking 101. Pretty basic, high school level stuff.

And yet over the past year, I have become keenly aware not only of what news is being covered but what news is NOT being covered. NYT and WaPo wouldn't go near the Lia Thomas story with a ten foot pole. Only right wing outlets were covering that, even though there was no reason to doubt the validity of the story. I think I first caught wind of Thomas in November... there was a good 2 month lag between the news coming out and NYT no longer being able to avoid the topic. They had to avoid the topic, because it negated the spin they'd tried so hard to put on men competing in women's sports.

It really made me wonder how many other things I'd dismissed out of hand, because "my" sources weren't reporting it... and I sat back quietly and noted how many "progressives" seemed to have NO idea this was going on. When the story finally broke in lib world, well, out came the "opinion" pieces on how sports are NEVER fair, it's biogtry to point out Thomas having any advantage, that women are always having their bodies judged and Thomas is no different, etc. "I'm an intersex athlete, I have no advantage!" writes a woman with possible late onset CAH with some science credentials who talks a good game, from a writing standpoint, but who is for all intents and purposes FEMALE. But I remember that story getting passed around like "this puts the whole thing to rest, everyone can relax now!" THAT was the left's response to Liar Thomas in the pool.

So with this story I was like ... "Why are no big papers covering it?" which seems sus but then rather than thinking "It probably isn't true" I thought "They might prefer this not get around." Because if it WASN'T true... seems NYT would be out swords waving to prove it's all a mean, nasty lie to make trans folx look bad.

I think enough has been said by the school district to confirm it's actually happened... but I agree the lack of coverage feels strange. But we are definitely living in bizarre-o world now. You're not the only person to notice the relatively quiet, low-level coverage. You could argue it's a local matter, blah blah blah... but my town has made national news for minor, weird stories... ones that could in no way be thought to potentially set precedent for the rest of the country/world. This may be a local story but it has far reaching implications, and the lack of coverage is strange. But I think it's because people don't WANT to cover it - not because it isn't true. (And yeah, once upon a time I would have laughed at someone saying that and assumed they were a conspiracy theorist)

I first noticed the whole "news that isn't being covered" thing with the Cologne New Year rape scandals.

This story isn't being covered because it makes trans people look bad.

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